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Amazon Internship Interview Experience (On-Campus) 2023

Last Updated : 18 Oct, 2023
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So, I’m from a Tier-1 NIT. Amazon came here and their eligible courses were : CSE, ECE, and EE. Around 400 students were allowed to give the coding round.

Round 1: Online Assessment:


I don’t exactly remember the question since it was held offline in Labs.

  1. Some questions that you can easily solve using deque or vector also with unique
  2. Was something related to minimum inefficiency, you can get it if you search

Moreover, everyone got some different sets. There were questions like k-spikes, etc.

WorkStyle Assessment:

Don’t know the time limit, was sufficient. (The mail mentioned it would be 20 minutes but there was no timer in this section). Please do this section very carefully. I’m telling this because there were many who got selected on this basis.

After this round, 50 students were shortlisted for the next round. It was held the next day online.

Round 2: Interview

  • There was only 1 round of interviews for Summer Internships, duration ranged from 45 minutes to 1:20 hrs.
  • The interviewer told me the flow first he there would be introduction, then 2 coding question, then CS subjects and projects.
  • Then interviewer introduced himself and asked me to introduce myself.
  • Thereafter, he jumped into first question which was rare vowel string
    Then I asked him about what does this n represent and all. After that , I was trying to figure out a mathematical approach to solve this problem as every time same nos. were repeating. Initially he was saying I was going in right direction but he also asked if I could derive next answer with help of first or n before it. Basically, he wanted a DP solution. This went for around 35-40 mins. Then we moved to next question and decided to come back to it later.
  • Second ques was : Next Greater Node of every Node in Linked List
    Then I asked him some edge cases which he said we would discuss later, first simply tell me the approach. Then I told him that we would use a vector to store every node and then a stack for finding next greater element for every node. Then he asked about time and space complexities and tried to confuse, But I told him correctly then he asked why. Then I answered him why, he was satisfied with my answer and told me to code my approach. I coded it completely and then time was almost over since it was 1:15hrs.
  • He then said time was up and asked me if I had any questions? I asked him if incase I get selected then what will we my tasks and what prerequisites are there and if I won’t how would I improve on it for future. He responded to it well.

After this final list came the next day, 12 were selected for 2 months internship. Unfortunately, I wasn’t one of them.

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