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Alert EnterPrise Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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On-Campus Interview Experience (Alert Enterprise)


  1. Motive of projects
  2. Wap for Armstrong numbers
  3. Count characters in a string
  4. Collections in java
  5. Interface in java
  6. Abstract classes in Java
  7. Exception handling
  8. Virtual function and overriding
  9. Program output in which a class has a single parameterized constructor and an object is instantiated without parameters
  10. The output of the same program where obj is instantiated with default-copy constructor
  11. SQL query to retrieve only the first four characters from the names of employees
  12. Procedures in SQL and where they are used
  13. Which variable is accessed in the for loop when the same name variable is declared globally and why?
  14. How to access a global variable when the same name variable is declared in the for loop?
  15. Difference b/w delete and truncate command?
  16. What would you prefer if you want to delete all the rows( delete command or truncate command) and why?
  17. Types of inheritance in cpp and which inheritance is not in Java and why?
  18. Diamond problem in inheritance .
  19. Difference b/w normal link and active link?
  20. What is hyperlink?
  21. Can abstract class has definition of function.
  22. What is the need of interfaces
  23. Two programs were using final keyword with function and in one program it is overridden and in another the overridden function had final keyword and the fuction was called once using base class object and once using derived class object and the output of programm was asked.
  24. 3 priest and 3 devil puzzle .
  25. 4 charged and 4 non charged batteries and a lamp lightens with 2 charged batteries, the minimum number of tries in which you are sure that lamp will light.
  26. 3 switch one bulb puzzle (only once a person caan go and check the bulb in another room)
  27. Difference between == and ===.
  28. Dml and Ddl commands.
  29. Types of function calls with example
  30. Difference Between i++ and ‘i=i+1’ , and which one is faster.


  1. Introduce yourself
  2. Wap to swap two strings without 3rd string
  3. Wap to add two numbers without using + or – operator.
  4. How will you design a login page and what are the factors you will keep in mind while creating it, how will you register and authenticate a user, how will you store the info about logins of user( whether he is currently logged in or at what time he logged in and logged out).
  5. What are views and its advantages.
  6. Virtual function and run time polymorphism.
  7. Basic create insert upadte delete commands in SQL.
  8. Collections in java.
  9. What is web application?


  • Introduce yourself
  • Family bg
  • What you think over working in team or working individually
  • Why alert enterprises
  • What would you prefer in smart work and hard work If any question i had

Summary: Alert Enterprise is R&D Organisation. My first interview went close to one hour. Since my primary language was C++ but they demanded for Java, so the interviewer satisfied herself, asking lot of questions from me. Thus I was unable to answer some of questions, mainly which were from Java. I was able to solve all three puzzles. Second round was short and then HR round was very comfortable and there was a casual conversation.

What I observed from the interview experience was that interviewer will confuse you if you have read the concepts recently and didn’t have enough practice, so be very true in interview about what you actually know. They come to hire you, Just give them the reason to hire you.

Last Updated : 21 Sep, 2023
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