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HP Enterprise Experience | Set 6 (On-Campus)

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise, India (formerly HP R&D) visited our campus in mid August.
Broadly there were 3 profiles : Servers, Storage and Networking. Location offered was Bangalore.

Round 1: Online Test
(75 minutes)
20 Aptitude Questions (Level was bit tough)
20 Technical Questions ( Level was average)
8 OOPS Questions(We had to select one language out of C++ or Java. C++ questions were mostly from pointers, Java was mostly about OOPs. The questions were tough)

Out of 385 students 50 were selected for the next round.

Round 2: Technical Interview
(1 hour)
1. Asked which technology I am into
2. Questions from project (in great detail)
3. Questions about what I did as a member of Robotics Club
4. Write a program(any language) to read incoming byte stream and display the respective string
5. Design a system to store Articles (DBS concepts) and retrieve the most popular article (My answers: Sorting, Sorting using Map-reduce, Max Heap)
6. Given a big text file containing different sections, randomly access a user provided section and display on the screen.

# He was impressed because I did one program in Java and one in C.
# Don’t mention anything on the CV which you cannot defend.

Round 3: Technical/Managerial Interview
(1 hour)
1. Tell me about your Parents
2. Tell me about your city (in great detail)
3. About the sports I play and the things I like in my favorite sportsman (this was an important physiological test)
4. Asked me which language I prefer, I said Java, so he made me write a basic C++ program and asked to explain every line of the code.
5. Write down your laptop configuration and explain each term. (Basic questions about processors, primary/secondary memory, and a little bit of OS concepts)
6. What do you mean by the clock speed of the processor.
7. Made me ask him 4 questions (which took about half of the time of the whole interview)

# Do not mention any term which you don’t know about, the interviewers quickly catch it and asks question about it.

Round 4: HR
(Telephonic, 15 minutes)
1. Introduction.
2. Strength/Weakness.
3. About the company.
4. Who is the CEO of HPE.
5. What kind of work I am looking for.
6. What non-technical things I learnt in my previous internship.
7. Ask me a question

# Always learn about the company before the interviews.
# Always ask the interviewer questions if asked to.

The interviews started at 8AM and went till 9PM. Everyone in the HPE team were very friendly. Out of 50, 7 were finally selected for FTE and 12 were selected just for the 6-month Internship.

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Last Updated : 28 Aug, 2017
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