Hewlett Packard Enterprise, India (formerly HP R&D) Interview Experience

Hewlett Packard Enterprise visited our campus. The main skill what they where looking is for programming skills(Mostly on java) .Location offered was Bangalore.

Round 1: Online Test

(75 minutes)
20 Aptitude Questions (Level was bit tough)
20 Technical Questions ( Level was average)
8 OOPS Questions(We had to select one language out of C++ or Java. C++ questions were mostly from pointers, Java was mostly about OOPs. The questions were tough)

Out of 350 students 30 were selected for the next round.

Round 2: Technical Interview
(1 hour)

1. As they where looking for the people who are good in programming skills they concentrated more on how good you are in a programming language ( of your wish ) maybe C / C++/ JAVA and their concepts (in great detail).

2. Asked which technology I am into

3. Questions from project (in great detail)

4. Few programs related to the Data Structures

# He was impressed because I did one program in Java and one in C.
# Don’t mention anything on the CV which you cannot defend.


Round 3:Technical/Managerial Interview (1 hour)
1. Tell me about your Parents

2. About the sports I play and the things I like in my favorite sportsman (this was an important physiological test)

3. Asked me which language I prefer, I said Java, so he made me write a basic java program and asked to explain every line of the code along with the few sorting algorithms.

4. He gave me instants which can arise during working in team and asked what will you do in them.

5. Basic questions about team management and team conflict.

6. What problems you faced in doing projects technologically wise and managing wise too?

# Do not mention any term which you don’t know about, the interviewers quickly catch it and asks question about it.

Round-4 (HR Round)

1) Tell me something about yourself.

2) What differentiates yourself from others.

3) Little discussions over my extra curricular activities written in resume.

4) Team Conflict questions.

5) What are your future plans related with further studies?

6) Do you have any Location constraints?

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