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Difference Between Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO

Last Updated : 26 Sep, 2023
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Prerequisite : Search Engine Optimization

Black Hat SEO: Black hat SEO refers to a set of practices that are used to increase a site or page’s rank in search engines through means that violate the search engine’s terms of service. The term “black hat” originated in Western movies to distinguish the “bad guys” from the “good guys,” who wore white hats (see white hat SEO). Recently, it’s been used more commonly to describe computer hackers, virus creators, and those who perform unethical actions with computers. 
For Example: Content Automation, Doorway Pages, Hidden Text or Links, Keyword Stuffing, Reporting a Competitor (or Negative SEO), etc. 

White Hat SEO: White Hat SEO refers that working within search engines’ terms of service to improve a site’s search engine results page (SERP) rankings while maintaining the integrity of your website and staying within the search engines’ terms of service. 
For Example: Offering quality content and services, Fast site loading times and mobile-friendliness, Using descriptive, keyword-rich meta tags, Making your site easy to navigate, etc. 



Below is a table of differences between Black Hat SEO and White Hat SEO

S. No. Black Hat SEO White Hat SEO
1. Black Hat SEO refers to the use of aggressive SEO tactics and strategies that focus only on search engine not on human audience. White Hat SEO refers to the use of optimization SEO tactics and strategies that focus more on human audience as opposed to search engine and completely follow search engines rules and policies.
2. It is used by those who are looking for quick financial returns on their website. It improves your search performance on search engine result page(SERP) along maintaining the integrity of the website.
3. It contains stuff and spam keywords into the on-page contents to fool the search engine spiders and improve ranking. It contains proper research, craft titles, Meta tags according to webpage, industry, relevance
4. It consists of irrelevant back links. It gets the link because of quality content.
5. It exchanges the links for the ranking. It consists of natural links.
6. It is also known as Unethical SEO. It is also known as Ethical SEO.
7. It is used for short-term goals and benefits. It is used for long-term goals and benefits.
8. This type of optimization is not approved by search engines. This type of optimization is approved by search engines.
9. Black Hat SEO does not follow Google’s guidelines. White Hat SEO provides a better experience to users by following Google’s guidelines.

Techniques used-

  • Keyword stuffing
  • Doorway and cloaked pages
  • Creating blog comment spam
  • Hidden texts
  • Hidden links
  • Participation in Link Schemes

Techniques used-

  • Research
  • Analysis
  • Re- writing of meta tags to be more appropriate
  • Improvement of content
  • Redesign web 
  • Having Fast Page Loading Times
  • Prioritizing Mobile-Friendliness
11. It doesn’t fulfill the search intent. It satisfies the aim of the search.
12. Manipulation takes the place of the algorithm to get better results. It can achieve a high ranking via Organic means. 
13. It degrades the user experience. It’s beneficial to the user experience. 
14. It is not concerned in producing high-quality content It is dedicated to producing high-quality content.
15. It reduces the trustworthiness of websites. It improves the credibility of a website.
16. It reduces the authority of a website. It increases the authority of a website.
17. Black Hat SEO is disapproved by  the search engines. White Hat SEO is approved by the search engine.
18. Black Hat SEO contains Duplicate Content. White Hat SEO contains relevant content.
19. There is high risk in Black Hat SEO. There is low or zero risk in White Hat SEO.
20. Black Hat SEO also contains irrelevant backlinks. White Hat SEO also contains relevant backlinks.

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