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Why BTS Fans Are Called ARMY?

Last Updated : 22 Sep, 2023
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BTS aka Bulletproof Boy Scouts, this gem was found by Bang Si-Hyuk. He is a very successful songwriter and music producer. Bang owns his music studio named Big Hit Entertainment, around 2005. He is the reason behind the accumulation of so many budding talents together and named it “Bangtan Sonyeondan” aka Bulletproof Boy Scouts. The South Korean sensational group comprises seven unique members. The presence of Bulletproof Boy Scouts is visible since the early decade. Here, in this article, we’ll get to know why BTS fans are called ARMY. 

What is BTS Army?

Multiple sources point out the meaning of ARMY. Some websites refer to the term in a military sense, where they confirm BTS as the armor, and it reflects the unbreakable bond of the fandom and the BTS members. This conveys the message hard and loud that the group has loyalist fans and they are gonna be always together. BTS and ARMY reflect the relationship that is affected by one another. ARMY has a symbolic representation that represents a door where the fans are waiting to welcome BTS with open arms once the group opens the door. When the group had the opportunity to name their fans ARMY was not the first option for them. They considered “The Bells” which beholds a certain meaning of their own. 

What is BTS Army Full Form?

The full form of BTS is Bangtan Sonyeondan and also known as Bangtan Boys which has seven members named Jung Kook, Jimin, Jin, RM, V, J- Hope, and Suga. In the Korean language, Bangtan Sonyeondan means “bulletproof boy scouts” and most people refer to them by this particular name due to their fan following. 

BTS Fandom

So, like for every artist, there is some inspiration that brings them into the main space. For BTS it is their fandom. Once the group released their first album they also released a beautiful title “ ARMY” to their fandom. ARMY is the short form for “Adorable Representative M.C. for Youth”. This title was generated around 2013. Few sources also refer that ARMY is the name of the group only, just in the English language.

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When is BTS ARMY Day?

BTS army day is celebrated on July 9 and has been dedicated as the day for all the BTS fans around the globe. Also, July 9 is particularly celebrated as BTS army day as it marks the nine-year anniversary of the formation of the ARMY, and to celebrate this day the BTS group also dropped down the video for their fans thus making it memorable.

What is BTS ARMY Bomb?

BTS ARMY bombs are the props or official light sticks of the BTS band used by the fans during concerts in order to support their favorite group. They are specially provided by the ARMY so that their followers can show their love for them. 

BTS ARMY – Recruitment Process

There are legitimately slots that get open for becoming part of ARMY. This opportunity gives a fan an experience of certain perks as well as massive responsibility to shower love on the group. The first recruitment process started around 2013. The perks of being a member of ARMY are as follows:

  • They are offered the ARMY membership card.
  • They are eligible for special goodies.
  • Special newsletter
  • There will be several events organized for the members.
  • ARMY member gets to choose seats.
  • The official members get an opportunity to be a part of the official fansite.
  • Members get an advanced notification about the BTS concerts.

The 2nd phase of the recruitment process reopened around 2015, continuing most of the perks. The 3rd phase started around 2016 with minor add-ons. 4th recruitment drive was around 2017. The 5th recruitment process took place around 2018. The membership opportunity was extended to 2019. There were minor changes in the perks in the 2020 recruitment process, which was the 7th round. The charm of the 7th recruitment was:

  • ARMY Membership
  • ARMY Merch Perks

This involved extensive merchandise of BTS which was not easily available to non-members. The perks and the goodies are just one way to show the expression of love of the fandom towards the group. The bunch of young talents beholds immense power to mass mobilize any idea. Using their power we can see their relevance in socio-political platforms around the globe.

The BTS fandom almost involves the participation of 10 million folks around the globe. They have contributed to mobilizing and spreading awareness about the environment and the need for its protection. They have raised their voice for the ones in the dark, for eg: LGBTQ refugees. The members and the ARMY reflect each other’s energy to keep up the good cause and work more towards betterment in the entertainment as well as multi-dimensionality of the human race.

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