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RM (Rap Monster) Biography – BTS

Last Updated : 22 Sep, 2023
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The group Bangtan Boys is incomplete without this member. Rap Monster aka RM is one of the best hip-hop rappers, songwriters, and producers in entire South Korea. His popularity is not restricted by geographical boundaries, rather it is extended to various parts around the globe. He is loved by the youth and is popular with the name ‘Rapmon’ in South Korea. He was extremely good with academics and did well as a student. Although his interest in rap surpassed any other interest and he directed his life towards rapping at a very young age. Let’s get to know more about RM’s (Rap Monster) life and career in this article.

Initially, he started all alone as a solo artist. He got exposure by performing with various local artists and groups before getting the big gig of his life. While he was a solo artist he dropped down his mixtapes named “RM” in 2015 and another one named “Mono” around 2018. Eventually, RM became the major songwriter and lead the group in various events as well. RM is one of the finest rap artists around the Globe. He is omnipresent in various fields like the coffee industry, South Korean television talk shows, and numerous magazines.

Journey of the Rising Star, RM (Rap Monster):

The original name behind Rap Monster is Kim Nam-Joon. He celebrates his birthday with his family and friends every 12th of September and was welcomed by his family in 1994, in a place near llsan-gu, Goyang, South Korea. As a kid, RM was interested in learning varied languages and his method of learning was also very interesting. For example in one of the interviews, he mentioned that he learned English while watching friends, it was a free fun time spent with his mother. As a kid he was very much fascinated by uniforms, he also said in his early childhood years Rap Monster wanted to join security forces. RM was very much artistic and was into writing poems. 

RM’s poems were well appreciated online as well as offline. RM was a precious and outstandingly smart kid, he belongs to the top 1% club of the nation in the University entrance examinations. RM had an IQ of 148, which is pretty commendable. In spite of being intelligent and smart, he was very much into art. He was admitted to Global Cyber University and he majored in the domain of broadcasting and performing art. Just like every parent his parents were shaken a little when a boy with such a gift of grey matter wanted to rap and make a career out of it. But later on, it worked out well for him.

RM (Rap Monster) Career:

Kim Nam-Joon is a very big name in the rap industry and people also love him very much. Initially in his career, he started off alone. He used a different stage name that was “Runch Randa”. Later on, around 2018, he contributed his bid for the group “Zico” which was a shooting star at the moment. He has also collaborated with “Daenamhyup”. These little contributions gave him a lot of experiences. And finally around 2013. He jumped into the pool of K-pop’s Famous rising group named’ BTS’ aka Bangtan Boys. BTS made him famous with the stage name “Rap Monster”. His debut single album was “ 2Cool 4 Skool”. One track that was on everyone’s playlist from the album was “No more dream”. He has contributed numerous lyrics for the group and now leads the group for different events. He is considered the main rapper for the group. His work is famous all around the globe, hence Rap Monster’s multiple collaborations with different artist-run viral for months on the internet.

RM (Rap Monster) Personal Insights:

The RM’s (Rap Monster) net worth extends up to $2 million. Rap Monster is currently 27 years old and holds the nationality of South Korea. He has an MBA degree in Advertising and Media. RM’s father is an employee in an organization, his name is Mr. Joon. Mrs, Joon by profession is a realtor. Rap Monster’s marital status remains ’Unmarried”. And according to sources, RM does not have any girlfriend as of now. He belongs to a family which is well integrated. He loves his work and keeps himself busy in the show business. 

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