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V Biography – BTS

Last Updated : 22 Sep, 2023
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“V” aka Kim Taehyung, one of the shooting stars of the seven-membered famous South Korean group “ BTS”. He is a multi-talented chap, whose presence can be seen in different dimensions offstage as well as on stage. He is a popular songwriter, singer, and dancer too. He is one full-pack performer and charmer. He is also addressed by the name ”Tae”. His presence is highly visible around the globe as well as in the local area. He is popular for his charming and powerful vocals. Let’s get to know more about V’s life and career in this article.

The hip-hop artist creates magic on stage. He created and implemented the first hit for the members and the world “2COOL 4 SKOOL” and “Boy in Luv”. His music is not limited to geographical boundaries, Its internationally hitting the charts. He possesses 5 million fans on his Twitter page. V is considered an “eye candy” for girls around the globe.

All About V (BTS):

V is not a follower of one specific religion. V beholds the nationality of South Korea. His ethnic background can be traced to Asia. He believes in the world as a whole. His contribution to unity and integrity is very much visible at the Global level.

V (BTS) – Journey From Dust to Stars:

“Tae” blows a candle and cuts the cake every December 30. He was welcomed by his family in 1995. Currently, the charming boy turned 26. He belongs to a well-settled family. His family belongs to Seo district, Daegu, South Korea. V’s upbringing was done in Geochang County, located in South Gyeongsang Provinces, South Korea. V has various nicknames like Tae, Blank Tae, TaeTae, and others. The middle-class family enrolled the shining star in Changnam Elementary school for his initial days. Later on, he was shifted to Geochang Middle school. V’s interest in music started building here only. 

For his high schooling, he was admitted to Korean arts high school, he finished his graduation here. But as learning never stops he got himself enrolled at Global Cyber University and passed with flying colors with a degree of bachelor’s under the field of Broadcasting and Entertainment. Some sources also refer that he behold a master’s degree in Business Administration From Hanyang Cyber University. Kim and another member “Jimin” made a precious piece of work named “Old School Love ft. Ed Sheeran. The mix got appreciation around the globe. The mix was special for them as it depicted their graduation celebration. V joined the band around 2011 but was not revealed as the major or official member of the group until 2013. His work ‘Hold me tight’ and ‘Fun Boys’ were one of a kind.

The Secret of V’s Interests:

Everyone wanna peek into their favorite celebrity’s personal preferences and love to know about his personal life. V (BTS) is a Capricorn and the eldest among his siblings. He has a great heart for animals and also, V has 3 pet dogs named SoonShim, Yeontan, and Ssyongssyong (unconfirmed), along with a cat named Kkanji. V also knows varied languages like Japanese and English apart from native Korean. With no surprise, the young charmer was ranked at 1st position in “The Most Handsome faces of 2017”. He has also been part of the famous “GQ” Magazine. His personality can be concluded as ambidextrous. His two personal hobbies are collecting ties and watching anime.

V’s Awards:

Kim aka V’s presence in the South Korean music industry is well recognized and appreciated. Kim Taehyung has bagged several awards in several years. Soompi Award has his name twice for the category of Best Idol Actor and also Best Choreography for recurring two years 2018 and 2019. In the year 2020, he bagged the APAN Music Awards for the category of Best OST. 

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