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Jungkook Biography – BTS

Last Updated : 22 Sep, 2023
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Seven membered group “Bangtan Boys” have been the buzz of the music industry for almost a decade now. The group is recognized well for its music, dancing, and performance. BTS is one of the most charming and successful bands in the entire history of the music industry. Kim Taehyung, Jimin, Jin, Suga, Rap Monster, J-hope, and Jung Kook are the official members of the group. Jung Kook is the youngest and the most charming member of the BTS group. Jungkook was originally named “Jeon Jeong-Guk”. Jung Kook’s personality and charm are not bounded within territories. The love from all over the globe comes pouring for him. He is a famous personality throughout Asia. 

The youngest one has the potential to mesmerize his audience with his singing and dancing moves. The work done by Jungkook is a top point and gets hit in the market. The rapper, singer, and dancer carry a great personality. He is the heartthrob of the young chicks around the Globe. Let’s get to know more about Jungkook’s life and career in this article.

Jungkook Career

Jungkook has been with the group since the BTS implanted the seed of the band back in 2013. He jumped into the music industry and world of glam with the song “ 2Cool 4Skool”. His two solo tracks “Begin” and “Future bass” were on repeat mode for youngsters. Both the songs are from the albums “Wings” and “ Euphoria” respectively. Euphoria is a beautiful piece of art that got released with “Love Yourself” around 2018. His collaborations are cherished by his fans, for eg: he collaborated with Charlie Puth for the song “We don’t talk anymore”. His recent work “Still With You” is one of his best releases. Jungkook is also famous for his appearance in several TV shows for eg: “BTS China Job”. A few other TV shows are “ Flower Boy Bromance”, and “National Idol Singing Contest”. His presence is also visible in “Flower Crew”.

Sneak Peek Into the Life of Jung Kook:

Jung cuts the cake on September 1st, his family welcomed him home in 1997. He is originally from Busan and holds the nationality of South Korea. Jungkook spent his childhood with his parents and an elder brother. When he was in Middle school, Jungkook used to go to “Baekyang Elementary school”. Later on, with up gradation as a trainee, he switched to Singu Middle School, which was located in Seoul. Jung was interested in sports since his childhood. Jungkook loves playing badminton and wished to make a career out of it. Eventually, with the influence of the performance of his few favorite artists, he switched to becoming a singer. Currently, the youngest one of the BTS band is 25 years old. He mix matches his hairstyle very often but prefers it to be long. He is an expressive artist and his love for art can be seen imprinted on his skin, Jungkook has lots of tattoos on his body, which behold different meanings. He is also a stylish person, his eyebrow piercing well suits his personality.

He is the style statement of today’s youth. Girls from South Korea and other Asian countries go gaga about Jungkook’s personality, even the boys try to imitate his style. He was considered the 3rd most loved celebrity in the entire land of South Korea back in 2019. He breaks the record on the internet very often. For instance, in around 2018 his solo live broadcast in V Live history holds more than 3.7 million viewers all over the globe. The charmer is nicknamed “Rookie”. Jungkook’s favorite color is red. Kook loves to cook, and the secret to his heart goes from his stomach. Jungkook is a food lover and the dish which tops his list is pork soup rice. Jung is very much into reading. He is also fascinated by dancing which is visible in his performance. Every artist has some inspiration, Jungkook’s inspiration is G-Dragon. He loves trying new styles of dance forte. He is a master of the contemporary and urban style. He has the best of the equation with V and considers him his best man. The Young one is unmarried and seems to be an open book but hides his relationship status. Most of the sources confirm that Jungkook is single and focused on his career as of now.

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