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J-Hope (BTS) Biography

Last Updated : 22 Sep, 2023
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J-Hope is one of the talented artists from the group of seven-membered bands called BTS or Bangtan Boys. His stage name is J-Hope whereas his original name is Jung Ho-Seok. The South Korean rapper and songwriter have magic in his skills. He is also a record producer under Big Hit Music. He specializes in singing and dancing too. The rapper is well known for his input in songwriting as well as production in the field of discography within the group. He has released multiple solos as well as group projects. His fan-following base is very wide and J-Hope is quite famous for his charm throughout the globe. Here, in this article, we’ll get to know about J-Hope’s biography consisting of various aspects like Jung Ho-Seok’s personal life, J-Hope’s real name, J-Hope’s BTS journey, etc. 

J-Hope: Personal Life 

J-Hope celebrates his birthday every 18th of February. He was welcomed by his family in the year of 1994. His childhood parenting was done by his parents and an older sister. Talking about his education, J-Hope completed his graduation from Global Cyber University with a degree in Broadcasting and Entertainment and did his Master of Business Administration from Hanyang Cyber University. Along with this, Jung Ho was also very much interested in artist activities like singing and dancing. 

His father was not very supportive of his talent. But his mother extended huge support. In his initial years, he was part of an underground dance group named “Neuron”. His moves are extensively liked by the youth. His sister “Jung Dawon” is four years older than him and is a well-recognized designer and models her own clothing setup. 

The 28-year-old heartthrob is single by choice. J-Hope’s net worth sums up to $20 million (approx). He beholds the Nationality of South Korea. The talented J-Hope shines bright with the zodiac sign” Aquarius

  • J-Hope’s favorite color is green and is deeply interested in tennis playing. 
  • J-Hope is also a pet lover and his dog’s name is “Mickey”. 

J-Hope: Career

Jung Ho-Seok lived his childhood around Gwanju Metropolitan City. His father is a lecturer and he has studied in the local school of Gwanju. As an underground dancer, he use to work hard to climb the ladder of success. J-Hope’s first solo “No more dream” was replayed a billion times in several regions. “Hope World” another precious work of his was released around 2018. Around 2019, J dropped a collaboration song, which was popular with the name “Chicken Noodle Soup”

J- Hope has topped the Top Rank albums in the US several times. He had a deep interest in dance exclusively, the interest in songwriting, rap, and other skills are just complementary to them. Currently, he is a member of the group. Big Hit entertainment is solely responsible to pool such great talents. J-Hope was the first trainee and eventually made his presence visible to other band members, he got his first opportunity to be a part of the group around 2013, His famous work “ Hold me Tight”, “Butterfly”. Tops the chart even today. He has won several awards and is appreciated by the fans.

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