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WhatsApp Introducing Meta AI Chatbot: Here’s How To Use It

Last Updated : 23 Apr, 2024
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You are calling all WhatsApp users! Get ready for a smarter messaging experience. Meta recently unveiled a groundbreaking update that directly integrates its powerful AI technology into the WhatsApp app. This update introduces the Meta AI chatbot, a versatile AI assistant that can chat, answer your questions, and generate creative images based on your instructions.

Read In Short:

  • A new WhatsApp update allows users to interact with a helpful AI assistant directly within the messaging app.
  • The WhatsApp AI assistant can engage in conversation, answer your queries, and even create unique images based on your descriptions.
  • The Meta AI chatbot is currently rolling out to a limited number of users, with features and availability set to expand in the future.


What is the Meta AI Chatbot on WhatsApp?

The Meta AI chatbot is an AI-powered virtual assistant embedded within the WhatsApp application. This innovative feature allows users to interact with Meta’s advanced AI technology directly through their chats. Imagine having a helpful and informative companion readily available within your most used messaging platform!

How to Use Meta AI on WhatsApp

Currently, the Meta AI chatbot is rolling out to a limited number of users globally. If you’re one of the lucky ones to receive the update, here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Update Your WhatsApp App

Make sure you have the latest version of WhatsApp downloaded from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Step 2: Locate the Meta AI Icon

Look for a new icon, typically a round purple-blue circle, at the top of your WhatsApp chat screen (iOS) or chat menu (Android).

Step 3: Start A Conversation

Tap the icon to launch the Meta AI chatbot. You can then chat with the AI assistant directly or use the in-app instructions for further guidance.

Step 4: Use Meta AI In Chats

The WhatsApp AI assistant can also be integrated into your existing chats. Simply type “@” followed by “Meta AI” in a chat window and your prompt. The AI will then respond within the chat itself.

Meta AI chatbot Features

The Meta AI chatbot boasts a range of exciting features that enhance your WhatsApp experience:

  • Conversational AI: Engage in casual conversation with the AI on various topics. It can provide informative responses, comprehensively answer your questions, and even maintain a lighthearted and engaging dialogue.
  • Search assistance: Need to find information quickly? Use the WhatsApp AI assistant as a search tool within the app. Simply ask your questions, and the AI will scour the web for relevant answers, saving you the hassle of switching between apps.
  • Image generation: Unleash your creativity with the WhatsApp AI assistant’s image generation feature. Provide the AI with a detailed description of an image you envision, and it will use its deep learning capabilities to generate a unique corresponding image.

Meta AI chatbot Availablity

The Meta AI chatbot is currently in a limited rollout phase. Meta is gradually introducing the feature to users worldwide to gather feedback and optimize its functionalities. While there’s no confirmed date for a wider release, the positive response so far suggests a more extensive rollout shortly.

How to Remove Meta AI in WhatsApp?

Unfortunately, as of April 2024, there’s no direct way to completely remove the “Ask Meta AI” feature in WhatsApp.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Hide the Meta AI Button (if applicable): Some users might see an option in Settings > Chats to hide the Meta AI button on the chat screen. However, this doesn’t disable the AI assistant itself, only its quick access button.
  2. Avoid “@Meta AI” Prompt: The AI assistant is currently triggered by mentioning “@Meta AI” within a chat. By simply avoiding this prompt, you can prevent the AI from taking over your conversation.

WhatsApp AI Image Generation

The image generation feature of the WhatsApp AI assistant uses Meta’s advanced image recognition and text-to-image generation technologies. When you provide a detailed description of an image, the AI analyzes the text, identifies key elements, and leverages its understanding of the real world to construct a corresponding image.


In conclusion, the WhatsApp update with the Meta AI chatbot integrates powerful AI directly into your chats. This WhatsApp AI assistant allows you to chat, ask questions, and even generate creative images. With features still under development, the future of WhatsApp promises an increasingly intelligent and interactive messaging experience. Get ready to experience a smarter way to connect with the WhatsApp AI update.

WhatsApp Meta AI Chatbot – FAQs

Is Meta AI WhatsApp available in India?

Yes, the Meta AI chatbot is currently in a limited rollout phase in India

Can I turn off Meta AI?

No, there’s no direct way to disable Meta AI entirely, but you can avoid using the “@Meta AI” prompt and hide the button

Is the Meta AI chatbot safe to use?

Yes, Meta emphasizes user privacy. Your messages are end-to-end encrypted, and the AI can only respond to specific prompts.

What languages does the Meta AI chatbot support?

Currently English only, but future updates might include multilingual support.

Is Meta AI free?

Yes, Meta AI is a free feature within the WhatsApp app.

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