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BTS Net Worth: Who Is The Richest BTS Member?

Last Updated : 17 Nov, 2023
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BTS Net Worth 2023

BTS Net Worth: There is a buzz around the Globe about the “Boy in Luv”, but what about millions of girls in love? In love with seven members of BTS, who are extremely talented, good-looking, and humble. The way their beats play with the heartbeat of the youth is just unimaginable. They have an ARMY who follows them, appreciates them, and majorly loves them from the bottom of their hearts. The BTS ARMY is crazy about the way the Bangtan boys shake their legs on the floor and the way it sinks with their voices. The enormous fandom depicts the progress and colors of hard work they have put in for the past 8 years. No party or event goes without jamming upon songs like Dope, Blood Sweat and Tears, and many more of their precious work around the Globe. In this article, we’re going to discuss the BTS Band Net Worth with various other details. 

Their worth can be categorized into two areas, One is tangible which indeed can be traced and calculated and the second one is intangible which they gain from the love of so many people following them throughout the globe.

BTS Achievements

The Bangtan Boys have been the hook step of almost every gig since 2013. The band has reached such a great height while balancing promotions, contracts, agreements, controversies, endorsements, concerts, and online presence. Recently there was a report stating that The BTS rounds up to $100 million, which creates a huge impact on the South Korean economy. The amount which the BTS accumulates has an effect of $3.9 Billion, making them eligible to be the highest contributors to the South Korean economy. The band has topped the chart of major reputed organizations like Billboard several times. The unique Boy band has created history since 2013 by giving several sold-out concerts as well as hit songs. The K-pop band is the first of its kind to top the “Billboard 200 Charts”. They grew on social media very fast. Their presence can be confirmed as a big show through their high number of followers on Instagram, TikTok, and other social media platforms. The boy club has been the first in South Korea to be nominated for the Grammy Awards.

The Real Question: What is the Net Worth of the BTS?

The BTS members Jin, RM, Jimin, V, J-Hope, Jungbook, and Suga combined have been creating magic on the stage for almost a decade now. So can you take a wild guess on how much BTS band members’ net worth rounds up to? Including all the events, collaboration, social media, and endorsement. Tour as the basis to bread and butter for the boy band family. The highest contribution goes from songwriting, production, and performance towards the Bangtan Boys’ wealth. Considering the 2019 statistics BTS created $170 million moving around the globe, which is commendable.

Stage performance is their forte and they are masters of that. BTS’s famous tour “Love Yourself” was sold out in no time around 2018. In 2019 net worth of $50 million was gained. As the pandemic hit the globe it was a tough time for the band too with respect to the stage show, whereas they do earn from their 9th studio album named “BE” around November when things started to ease up a little. They also released their first kind, an English song named “Dynamite”. Dynamite was that song that fetched the Bangtan Boys a Grammy nomination.

The pandemic also opened the door for online concerts. They utilized this opportunity to meet and greet their fans via online concerts. They arranged two virtual concerts which were a big hit. The event generated lots of money. The tour recently fueled up and started around march. “Permission to dance on Stage” hit the chords of the ARMY’S heart just at the right point. The Bangtan boys again strengthen their tangible as well as intangible wealth sharply. The shows were conducted at two most famous party places around the globe: Las Vegas and Seoul. The specialty of the band is such that the tickets to the concert get out of stock even before entering the stock. Hence, analyzing the hype, a net worth turning around $50 million is not a big deal for the BTS band.

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The band has an extremely high influence around the globe. Several top brands are part of BTS income or are aligned to be. For eg: Mattel, Casetify, Samsung, Basin Robbins, Sketchers, etc. Name it brands starting from ice cream to telecommunication, to shoes no one single domain is left untouched. The exact statistics aren’t widely available but one of the major parts of the band does come from this dimension.

BTS Collaborations

Collaboration with Pink Sweats can be a possibility in the future. Currently, the K-Pop band is collaborating with regional-level talents. The Boy with Luv is a collaboration with Halsey, one of the world’s best talents.

Instagram and YouTube aka Social Media

The youtube views for Boy with Love shooted rocket high on the platform. It reached almost 1.5 billion in just one noon. This is just one example. The song still grows every single day. The source of income accounting from social media is less compared to the live stage shows. Many say The Bangtan Boys’ luck is at work, But the band always directed the success and wealth towards sheer hard work, dedication, consistency, and love of their fans which fuels them and keeps up their work to reap such rewards. 

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