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Biography Of Jin (BTS)

Last Updated : 22 Sep, 2023
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“Talent alone is not the key to success”. One of the most relevant youth icons, Kim Seok-Jin (BTS) is a burning example of this. There is always a debate about who is more hungry to be successful. The one who is not privileged or the one who has everything and the sky is limited for them. This young man, Kim Seok-Jin, believes that talent is not the only ingredient for completing the dish named success. It requires undeterred, hard work, dedication, consistency, and humility. Jin has been omnipresent in the industry just following the above ingredients for the past 7 running years. Undoubtedly there are millions of BTS fans who’re interested in knowing Kim Seok-Jin’s personal life or Jin’s BTS journey. Let’s get to know more about Kim Seok-Jin’s life and career in this article. 

Jin a stage name, Kim Seok-Jin is a multi-talented creature, whose fan base does not follow any geographical boundaries. He is famous around the globe for his singing, dancing, modeling, and stage performances. His breakthrough was planted back in 2013 when his presence was visible as one of the lead vocalists among the four in a Korean band popularly named “ Bulletproof Boy Scouts” aka BTS. 

Kim Seok-Jin: Family Line and Origin

The heartthrob of Asian Music, Kim Seok-Jin is currently 29 years old. He blows a candle and cuts the cake on the 4th of December, 1992 (Kim Seok-Jin’s Birthdate)

The birthplace of Kim Seok-Jin is Gwacheaon, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. He belongs to an extensive family. Where his father is the CEO of a major firm. He is close to his mother. He also has an elder brother named Kim Seonk Jung. He is the person who pushed and motivated Jin to pursue a career in the hip-hop world. 

Jin was scouted roaming the streets of ‘Bousung High School’ via SM Entertainment. Jin initially considered the offer a scam and declined it. Also, Kim Seokjin was very much determined to start a career in the field of acting. For that, he enrolled himself at Konkuk University. He graduated with flying colors in the domain of art and acting around 2017. As someone said Learning is an art and process which do not have ends, following same, Currently the artist is pursuing another domain and is enrolled in multiple courses at Hanyang Cyber University. 

Kim Seok-Jin: Personal life

Jin is a versatile human being. He is involved in varied activities like snowboarding, eating, taking care of pets, playing video games, and cooking. He is also part of his own show named “Eat Jin”, other BTS members also join this show. The star possesses a luxurious apartment located in South Korea since 2018. However, he lives with other members of the BTS band in Hannam-dong situated in Seol. He distributed basic supplies to the needy like food, blankets, and dishes to ‘Korean Animal Welfare Association’ on his 2018 birthday. 

Kim Seok-Jin: Career 

Apart from his music skills, the artist is considered one of the finest and good looking men in entire Asia. His looks were the first click for the Big Hit Entertainment while they stalked him on his way back home while he was studying acting and had zero expertise in music. Later on, he got an opportunity to become an idol trainee. Eventually, he auditioned as an actor and got the role in a Big Hit. He made his debut in BTS single album 2 Cool 4 Skool. He was one of the 4 soulful vocalists in the band. Around 2016 Kim Seok-Jin dropped his solo single out of the album named “Wings”. Awake was the name of the hit single. The song was so much loved by the people that it hiked to number 31 on the Gaon Music chart. The song was also mentioned at 6th position on the Billboard World Digital Singles Chart. Further around the end of December 2016 “Christmas” style of Awake was introduced to the world. It was available on Soundcloud. 

Climbing the ladder of the music industry around 2018, the second solo version by the artist was dropped named “Epiphany”. It was one small part of the Love Yourself: Answer Compilation format album. Epiphany was a trailer for the compilation. As the band has a huge influence on the youth space, they utilize the privilege to enlighten them about self-acceptance and self-love. The track again climbed the chart list of various music organizations.

Jin has been awarded the fifth-class Hwagwan “ Order Of Cultural Merit” by the South Korean President as an honor of appreciation for the rising star along with other members of the band. Around 2020 his fans were treated to his third solo with BTS, “Moon”. Moon is considered a piece of art that reflects power pop songs. “Moon” climbed the ladder and was positioned as number one on the Gaon Digital Chart. It was also number 2nd on Billboards US World Digital Singles Chart. 

Recently around 2021, President Moon Jae-in, allotted Jin and the other members of the BTS the position of Special Presidential Envoy for future Generations and culture. The position gave them the opportunity to spread awareness about sustainable growth and development among future generations. It will enhance the omnipresence of Korea’s diplomatic efforts on the International platform. 

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