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BTS Members’ Real Names

Last Updated : 22 Sep, 2023
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BTS Members’ Real Names: The quote by William Shakespeare “What is in a name”, stands outrightly true for the seven-membered Boy band, The Bangtan Boys. The talent of these boys has broken all the territorial boundaries and several records. Their presence is highly visible around Billboard Music Awards, American Awards, and MTV VMA’S. They get the love for their performance, art, and talent from the entire globe. But the name enhances the experience of the fan-celebrity relationship. Each of the members does have a stage name as well as an original name. The name helps the audience connect with the artist and their work. Let’s explore the real names of the seven-membered band BTS.

Real Names of BTS Members: 

Kim Namjoon aka RM

The K-Pop music industry is in awestruck for almost a decade now, by the introduction of such a genuine artist in the music industry. Kim Namjoon aka RM (Rap Monster) is the leader of the Bangtan Boys. The original interpretation of his name resonates with “The genius from the South”. This certainly matches the identity of Kim as a human being. He got an extraordinary IQ, with good communication skills and leadership qualities. 

Kim Seokjin aka Jin

The world has nicknamed this one “handsome” but Jin’s real name is “Kim Seokjin”. He is very close to his family. In many interviews, he mentioned that he was named by his grandfather. The meaning of the name resonates with “A great treasure”. Jin is one of the main characters of the BTS. He holds a very special position in ARMY’S heart.

Min Yoongi aka Suga

Suga is a family man and a very grounded person. He wears humility as his cologne. Suga’s real name is Min Yoongi. Suga revealed in an interview stating that his name was given by his family member keeping into consideration of the family tradition. So, keeping the tradition intact and passing on the legacy he was named “Min Yoongi”. He also said that there is a symbol that represents the family lineage and he wants to continue it further. 

Jung Hoseok aka J-Hope

J-Hope aka Jung Hoseok, the leader of the moves of the Bangtan boys. Jung Hoseok was named the same due spiritual reasons. There was a temple in which Jung’s parents have faith and they named the child with the auspicious name. In an interview, he mentioned that the meaning of his name reveals the presence of the entire band “A name that will proliferate throughout the globe” and indeed the global magician of dance moves mesmerizes the entire world with his talent.

Park Jimin aka Jimin

Jimin’s original name is “Park Jimin. He is a family rooted person. He was named by his grandfather. His name resonates with the meaning “His wisdom reaching much higher than the sky”. His level of dedication toward his performance and art is visible rising higher than the sky from one year to the other. 

Kim Taehyung aka V

Kim Taehyung is the original name of the stage name V. Kim means “Hope, that in the end, all the aspirations do come true”. He gives the vibe of all wells that end well. He was named by his grandfather who himself was a naming master. He has the ability to name a child related to his future/career. Certainly, Kim’s grandfather named him on point. Kim is the light charmer of the band. His role in the performance is highly notable and appreciable throughout the globe. 

Jungkook aka Jeon JungKook

Jung is nicknamed as ”BTS Golden Maknae”, Jung original name is Jeon JungKook. He is also a very traditional and rooted person who was named by his great-late grandfather. The meaning of the name isn’t clear to the star himself. But he does reveal in an interview it resonates with “the pillar of the strong community”. With his presence around the Globe and the charitable deed he is involved in, he definitely can be considered the pillar of today’s generation. He truly stands for human rights and is part of several environmental awareness campaigns.

The original name of the BTS stars is easily available on the internet. But the journey to the “name” which resonates with the “fame” and the love from the ARMY, the boy band receives from around the globe is undiscoverable. 

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