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Who is the Leader of BTS? – Members And Everything You Need To Know

Last Updated : 22 Sep, 2023
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However each individual member is capable of leading the Bangtan Boys, but the current leader of BTS is “Kim Nam-joon” aka RM. There are multiple reasons for the above, but first, let’s get a sneak peek into who actually RM is? RM (Rap Monster) holds the nationality of South Korea. RM’s childhood was spent around South Korea. 

BTS RM Birthday 12 September, 1994
BTS RM Age 28
BTS RM Height 181 cm (5’11”)
BTS RM Zodiac Sign Virgo
BTS RM Net Worth $22 million
RM BTS Quotes

“If you can’t respect, don’t even open your mouth”

“I believe that there’s no improvement if you have an inferiority complex and victim mentality.”

“No one is born ugly, we’re just born in a judgmental society.”


Early Life and Career

He pursued his studies at a local school which seems to be unknown. He was a brilliant student and did really well in academics. But later over the course of time, Kim Namjoon realized his interest is in the arts. He is an impeccable songwriter, rapper, and producer. His first mixtape named “RM” dropped down in the market around 2015. ‘Mono’ around 2018 was his second solo which broke all the past records and built new ones. We can see his name on Billboard 200 chart several times since the start of his career. His collaborations have been appreciated with several artists around the globe. His versatile work with artists like Younha, Wale, Warren, Gaeko, Fall Out Boy, etc is popular among the youth.

Who is a leader?
A leader is the one whose voice is heard within the herd. Without a leader, there are high chances of the ship getting lost amidst the high of the sea. One of the most talked-about K-pop in the history of mankind “BTS” does also have a leader. The buzz of BTS since 2013 has captured the global market. ARMY obsessed with BTS’s vocals and songwriting is adorable. The seven-membered group's life history is visible on the internet. But one question that is quite popular among the masses is - who is the leader of BTS?

K-pop Group, BTS Members

The K-pop group BTS which is a South Korean boy band was formed in the year 2010 and they made their debut under the banner of Big Hit Entertainment in 2013. The group includes, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook.

BTS Leader, Kim Namjoon (RM) – Interesting Facts:

1. His High IQ:

RM has an extremely high IQ. The K-pop artist is blessed with good analytical and logical skills. His academic results are the biggest proof of the above-stated fact. There was a report by A11Kpop stating RM scored exceptionally good, like 148. He casually gave the Test Of English International Communication which is well named as TOEIC, around his mid-age, and his score summed up to 900, which is substantially an excellent score. This helps the group to enhance their decision-making power. The decisions are more rational and logically backed rather than flowing with emotion. Which album should the group work upon, analyzing it with the present condition rather requires a good grey matter?

2. Good Command in English

For better understanding, we can categorize this factor into two segments. English helps the seven-membered group to connect with more of their audience. The fanbase of the Bangtan Boys is not a hidden fact. The ARMY is spread all over the world and English is accepted widely in other territories. Hence for better communication, English is mandatory for the Boys. Kim knows the best and speaks fluent English among the seven BTS boys. This boosts the confidence of other members of the group for the decision of making Kim the leader of the group. Apart from representing at a global level and greeting and meeting their fans, English also helps the group in gaining collaboration with the artist around the Globe. Collaboration is one of the major sources of economic income for the BTS band. Hence Kim speaking in English also affects the bank statement of the group.

Music does not follow any one single language and definitely, language cannot be the barrier to the spread of love that the band generates, though if the members know a particular language it makes it smooth for them to sail through different territories. English also helps in connecting with the audience which enhances the songwriting. It helps in enhancing the reachability of the band. For eg: the recent collaboration with UNICEF for launching “Love Myself” spread the word of self-love for the youth across the globe loud and clear. It helps in the mass mobilization of ideas in a positive direction. In 2018 Kim created history by addressing the United Nations with a terrific speech.

The above reasons also lead RM to be the leader of the BTS band. But due to his humility and modesty, there is no sense of superiority for him. RM makes sure the entire BTS band is on the same page for various subject matters. He knows the seven members very well including him. For the smooth functioning of the band, Bangtan boys are not the first ones to opt for a leader, there are several bands in history who have chosen a leader and just mesmerized the world with their magic of music.


In the year 2014, he appeared in 4things Show – Rap Monster, Hot Brain: Problematic Men and Inkigayo in 2015. He also worked in Close-up Observation Diary on Idol: Find Me, Gura-Chacha: Time Slip – New Boy, Inkigayo, and KCON New York in the year 2016. As well as he worked in M Countdown in the year 2017.

Awards and nominations

Kim was honored with the ‘Patron of the Arts Award’ in the year 2020.

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