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What is Blue Eyes Technology?

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A Blue eye innovation is planned for making computational machines that have perceptual and tangible capacities like those of human, utilizing non-prominent detecting technique, utilizing most present-day camcorders and amplifiers to recognize the client’s activities using conferred tactile capacities which permits the machine/PC to comprehend what a client needs, even understand his physical or enthusiastic states. The essential thought behind this innovation is to give the PC the human force. We as a whole have some perceptual capacities that are, we can see each other’s affections, for instance, we can comprehend one’s passionate state by breaking down his outward appearance. 


Techniques Of Blue Eyes Technology


  1. Emotional Mouse: It acquires physiological information and passionate state, for example, heartbeat, pressure, temperature and so forth through the pinch of the client on mouse where various sensors, (for example, pressure sensor, heartbeat sensor, GSR sensor, temperature sensor) are sent inside it. At that point, it decides the character of the client.
  2. Manual And Gaze Input Cascading (Magic Pointing): A webcam is utilized to rapidly decide the gleams and understudies of the client under factor and practical lightning conditions and wrap the cursor to each new object client looks at. At that point, the client assumes responsibility for the objective by hand close to the objective or overlooks it and quest for next one.
  3. Artificial Intelligent Speech Recognition: The client addresses the PC through mouthpiece and that discourse get shifted and put away in RAM. The info words are examined and coordinated against the inside put away words. Example coordinating is intended to search for the best fit in view of varieties in tumult, pitch, recurrence distinction, time hole, and so on. The recognizable proof makes some move be made.


Artificial Intelligent Speech Recognition

It is in demand to have a kind of environment in which the speech recognition system work. Some factors that may affect the quality of speech include the grammar used by the speaker and accepted by the system, noise level, noise type, position of the microphone, and speed and manner of the user’s speech are some factors that affect recognition. Let us assume you call at any customer care of a big company, you may likely hear the grandiloquent voice of a cultured lady or gents who responds to your call with generosity saying “Welcome to company AA. Please give me the unique ID you want”. You declare the unique ID, your name, and the name of the person you want to contact. If the call is being accepted by the called person, the connection is given quickly. An automatic call-handling system is used without employing any telephone operator which is made possible by artificial intelligence.



Types of Emotion Sensors used in Blue Eyes Technology


  • For Hand – Emotion Mouse
  • For Eye – Expression Glass
  • For face – Facial recognition system
  • For voice – voice recognition




  • Reduce manual work.
  • Physiological condition monitoring
  • Visual attention monitoring.




  • Not 100% accurate.
  • Expensive, and System is bulky, need some minimization.


Last Updated : 30 Nov, 2022
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