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UBS – IT Software Engineer Interview Experience

  • Last Updated : 20 Aug, 2020

I recently interviewed with UBS in June 

  • 1st round was an online round held on hackerrank it consists of coding and MCQ questions on core subjects like OS, DS, etc.
  • 2nd round they again gave coding on hackerrank and further shortlisted
  • 3rd round 1st technical interview

I was asked oops concept and little more questions on java then some DBMS question and was asked to explain my project in detail the interviewer was quite polite

  • 4th round 2nd Technical interview

I was again asked detailed explanation of my project then some questions on cloud computing and other questions on why UBS

After all this, I qualified for HR and HR said you will have Mumbai as the location of joining and took my documents. But alas haven’t sent an offer letter yet and to my other friend offered the role of IT support.

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