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Microsoft Interview Experience 2022

Last Updated : 31 Mar, 2023
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Microsoft Interview for SDE:

  • Recruiter Phone Screen(45 mins)-Initial screening based on resume and background. Coding questions about Data structures and algorithms.
  • Technical phone Interview or Online  Assessments (90mins) – Algorithm. You will be asked 2-4 coding questions related to  DSA to be loved in 90 mins.
    • Algorithms – coding questions solved on a whiteboard.
    • Design – Junior engineers will be asked Object Oriented design questions whereas senior engineers will be asked System Design questions.
    • Behavioral questions related to your motivation, leadership, challenges, and how you have been resolving conflicts.

Lunch Interview: You will be taken to lunch halfway through your interviews. you’ll be interviewed during Lunch.

  • Expect design or behavioral questions.
  • As appropriate (As-Ap)Similar to Amazon’s Bar Raiser, ‘As-Ap’, and the hiring manager who has veto power over your hiring.
  • Together, ‘as-Ap’and the hiring manager makes the final hiring decision.
  • Based on your previous interviews, As-Ap can ask coding, design, or behavioral questions.

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