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TypeScript Tutorial

Last Updated : 20 Mar, 2024
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TypeScript, a superset of JavaScript, offers all the features of JavaScript along with an additional layer: its type system. While JavaScript provides language primitives like strings and numbers, it doesn’t enforce consistent assignments. TypeScript, on the other hand, does. This means that your existing JavaScript code is also valid in TypeScript. It is an Open Source Object Oriented programming language and strongly typed language.

As TS code is converted to JS code it makes it easier to integrate into JavaScript projects. The TypeScript Tutorial provides a complete guide from beginner to advanced level.TypeScript Tutorial

For a large-scale project adopting It might result in more robust software, while still being deployable where a regular JavaScript application would run. It won’t make your software bug-free. But it can prevent a lot of type-related errors. Along with the Clever IntelliSense.

History of TypeScript

TypeScript, created by Microsoft, was first released in 2012. It aimed to address the limitations of JavaScript by adding static typing. Since then, it has gained popularity among developers, becoming a widely used language for large-scale JavaScript applications.

Why to learn TypeScript?

JavaScript was initially developed to be a lightweight easy-to-learn language mainly focusing on simple DOM manipulations but the standards changed with time and that is where Typecript came into the picture as it adds enhanced features to JavaScript.

1. Improved Readability

TypeScript makes code more readable. Clear type annotations help developers understand the purpose of variables and functions.

2.Static Typing

TypeScript adds static typing to JavaScript, ensuring that the type of a variable cannot change during program execution. This significantly reduces the chances of bugs.

3. Better Understanding of JavaScript

Even if you don’t use TypeScript extensively, learning it deepens your understanding of JavaScript. You’ll appreciate the language features and their impact on code quality.

Text Editors with TypeScript Support

TypeScript, being a popular superset of JavaScript, is well-supported by various text editors and integrated development environments (IDEs).

  • Visual Studio Code (VS Code): Microsoft’s editor, with IntelliSense and debugging for TypeScript.
  • Sublime Text: Supports TypeScript via plugins like TypeScript and Syntax.
  • Atom: Customizable editor with TypeScript support through atom-typescript package.
  • WebStorm: JetBrains IDE offering TypeScript features like code completion.

TypeScript Tutorial

Prerequisites: Before you start this typescript tutorial, It’s recommended you should have a basic understanding of javascript and object-oriented programming.

TypeScript Basics

TypeScript Advance

Typescript Utility Type

TypeSript Functions

TypeSript Methods

TypeSript Array Methods

TypeSript String Methods

Advantages of Using TypeScript

  • TypeScript offers static typing, which allows developers to define types for variables, parameters, and return values.
  • TypeScript detects errors at compile-time rather than runtime, allowing developers to catch issues early in the development process.
  • TypeScript has a rich ecosystem of tools and libraries that enhance the development experience.
  • It adopts the basic building blocks of your program from JavaScript. All TS code is converted into its JS equivalent for the purpose of execution.
  • The support for Classes and Objects is also one of the main reasons for its increasing popularity as it makes it easier to understand and implement OOPS concepts as compared to the standard prototype-based implementation provided by native JavaScript.

Setting Up a TypeScript Project

Node.js: TypeScript runs on a foundation called Node.js. If you don’t have it already, download and install Node.js from the official website (

  1. Install Node.js: Ensure you have Node.js installed globally on your machine.
  2. Install TypeScript Compiler (TSC): TypeScript needs to be compiled into JavaScript. Install TSC using:

Using npm (Node Package Manager):

  • Open your computer’s command line or terminal.
  • Type or copy-paste the following command and press Enter
npm install -g typescript

TypeScript Vs JavaScript

TypeScript JavaScript
Provides static typing Dynamically typed
Comes with IDEs and code editors  Limited built-in tooling
Similar to JavaScript, with additional features  Standard JavaScript syntax
Backward compatible with JavaScript  Cannot run TypeScript in JavaScript files
Stronger typing can help identify errors  May require more debugging and testing

TypeScript Careers

According to the JetBrains Dev Report 2022, the share of developers using TypeScript has almost tripled over the course of 6 years, increasing from 12% in 2017 to 34% in 2022.

Here are some companies known for using TypeScript and likely to hire for TypeScript skills:


In Conclusion, TypeScript offers a powerful way to write cleaner, more maintainable, and robust JavaScript code in 2024 and beyond. The growing adoption, error detection benefits, and developer productivity gains make it a valuable asset for web developers.

FAQs on TypeScript Tutorial

What is TypeScript?

TypeScript serves as an extension of JavaScript, integrating optional static typing into the language. With TypeScript, you can designate the data types of variables and functions, facilitating early error detection and enhancing code quality.

Is TypeScript easy to learn?

Certainly! TypeScript isn’t more difficult to grasp than JavaScript. Essentially, TypeScript acts as a refined version of JavaScript. If you’re already acquainted with JavaScript, transitioning to TypeScript shouldn’t pose significant challenges. While TypeScript introduces additional concepts like static typing, its overall similarity to JavaScript simplifies the learning curve.

Is TypeScript replacing JavaScript?

No, TypeScript isn’t poised to supplant JavaScript. Rather, it provides an optional layer of type safety atop JavaScript. This characteristic renders TypeScript a valuable asset for specific scenarios, particularly in the realm of larger and more intricate projects.

Are there any libraries or frameworks specifically for TypeScript?

There are Numerous libraries and frameworks are tailored to complement TypeScript usage. Examples include Angular, React, and Vue.js. These frameworks often furnish type definitions and supplementary features catered to TypeScript development.

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