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[] Exclusive Interview with Arushi Who Got Into Flipkart

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  • Last Updated : 09 Oct, 2014

It’s not easy getting into one of the hottest companies in India. As company is growing at a crazy pace, Flipkart always looks for best talent out there to keep up with their growth. Arushi could crack it and in her own words, ‘ When I got placed at Flipkart it was hard to believe. Took almost a day to sink in’. We at spoke to Arushi from BITS-Goa about her Flipkart experience and what are her suggestions for aspirants looking to achieve something similar.

TopTalent: What job offers did you have get apart from Flipkart?

Apart from I had an offer from – A mumbai based start up.

TopTalent: How do you feel on achieving this feat?

When I got placed at housing it was hard to believe. Took almost a day to sink in. Getting placed at Flipkart was a similar experience. Felt good that I had offers from 2 such awesome companies.

TopTalent: Why did you choose this opportunity over others?

Choosing Flipkart was but natural having worked there for a year as an intern. Also Flipkart is neither a fully fledged multinational nor a start up any more. This presents a perfect learning opportunity

TopTalent: How was the whole internship experience with Flipkart?

I actually had two internships with Flipkart, for 6 months each. I was pretty raw when I first came. But all the people were pretty patient and their main aim was to teach me. Getting the work completed actually was at a lower priority. The second internship was better. It was a very open ended and fuzzy problem which involved quite new technology. I was given complete freedom to explore solutions and solve the given problem in the best possible way. It was a very different experience and definitely helped me grow a lot. All the engineers, no matter how busy will always have time to listen and give suggestions regarding any technical problem you go to them with.

TopTalent: What kind of skills do you think helped you in getting this job?

I think apart from the technical knowledge being a fast learner and persistence is important. Also a very important thing seen in Flipkart is the sense of ownership everyone has. No matter what designation a person is at.

TopTalent: What’s your advice to students who are aspiring for similar kind of achievement?

The usual technical knowledge and knack for problem solving. The interview at Housing was pretty straightforward. It was mostly based on the work done in Flipkart. And a few puzzle solving.

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