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Flipkart Interview Experience for SDE-2

Last Updated : 10 Feb, 2024
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I participated in a Flipkart drive for the SDE-2 role. I did apply through a LinkedIn post shared by one of the recruiters. I did not have to take any coding tests. They directly started with the machine coding round.

Round- 1 (Machine coding):

In this round, we have to take our laptops with our preferred IDE installed. They will give one question and we have to write a working code within 1.5 hours. In this round, they mainly test our OOPS concepts. The code should follow all OOPS concepts and it should be easily extendable, readable and modular. It should be ready to demo and We should also handle all the edge cases.

I was asked to design an interview allocation system where interviewers and interviewees can register for 2 types of interviews with their preferred timings. Based on the type of interview and preferred timings it should assign interviewers to the interviewees. Here is the exact question I was asked to submit the solution to :

Interviewer Allocation System

They tested all the functionalities. They asked me what changes I would make if they wanted to add one more type of interview or one more slot in the system. They also asked to run with slot number 9 to verify if I am handling the exceptions or not.

They will explain the question in a meeting where all the candidates who are participating in the drive will be present. you can ask all your doubts. Then they will send us to an individual hangout meeting where there will be one person monitoring us. We can browse for any syntax doubts.

After understanding the question instead of starting to create classes in a hurry, it’s advisable to note down what are all the classes we are going to create and which methods and properties will be present in the classes. Don’t panic. First, complete all the basic functionalities then only think about bonus requirements as 90 minutes is not enough to finish everything.

Round- 2 (PSDS):

In this round, the interviewer will give a quick introduction and ask for your quick introduction. Then they shared a Google document with 2 questions. We have to write our code in the same Google document. Here are the 2 questions I was asked.

Do not get tense as it’s not going to help. Think out loud so that the interviewer can understand your way of approach and help you with any clues. I got so nervous in this round and took a lot of clues. I was not satisfied with my performance. I felt I could have done much better.

Round – 3 (System Design):

In this round, they will ask one system design question. They asked about the system design of a ledger system where they want to store all transactions done by multiple services.

We have to explain which DB we will prefer and why. what are all the entities you will create and what are the fields in all the entities. Then we have to specify what are all the services we use how the services will communicate with each other and which services will communicate with which entities. and we also have to write the API structures that we are going to use.

Interviewers are friendly. They will help you if you have any questions and direct you to think in a specific way.

Round – 4 (Hiring Manager Round):

HR manager asked me about my current organization. What features do I work on? The architecture of the current application I am working on. He asked me why did we choose this architecture and why not any other. He asked me some behavioural questions like

  • What is something that doesn’t let me sleep at night?
  • Why do I want to join Flipkart?
  • What are some improvements I suggest in the Flipkart app?

He was very friendly and I felt confident and told him that I was not satisfied with my performance in the PSDS round and I could do better if I was given another chance.

Round – 5 (PSDS Round):

I got a call from HR saying they decided to give me another chance for PSDS as I did well in all other rounds. In this round, they asked me 3 questions and I was asked to write code in Google Docs.

I did well in this round. After 2 days I got an email from HR asking for documents to verify and then after 2 days, I received the offer letter. The interview was overall easy. We should not feel tense and should be able to think clearly.

I would like to thank Geeks for Geeks for all its resources as they helped a lot.

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