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Flipkart Interview Experience(1.10 years experience SDE 1)

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Round 1: Machine Coding Round Design a stock exchange system. There is a list of stocks given with following attributes –
  • order_id
  • time
  • stock name
  • type(BUY/SELL)
  • quantity
  • price
You need to output list of stocks in the following format sell_id, buy_id, quantity, price which will get executed. There were some rules given to match the stocks. There were three parts of question and a bonus question. You need to write modular demoable code. Time given is 90 minutes. Round 2: F2f PS/DS round 
  1. Write splitwise algorithm. Splitwise has a feature called ‘simplify debt’. Interviewer wanted me to write an algorithm that works in same manner when we turn on this feature in splitwise. First I discussed the approach, then he asked me to write the code.
  2. You are given a list of data with following attributes start time, Rest Api name/service name, end time. You need to find maximum parallelism that got achieved. Example – {{1, A, 4}, {2, B, 3}, {4, C, 10}, {4, D, 7}, {2, E, 4}}. Answer here is 4 because at time t=4, there are 4 services running namely A, C, D, E respectively. I was asked to write a code for this.
  3. This question was a follow up on question 2. I exactly do not remember the question but it could be easily solved using hashmap and heap. Code was not required. Then he asked me a few questions on heap.
  Round 3:Hiring Manager Round
  1. In depth discussion on projects that I am currently doing.
  2. Why flipkart ?
  3. If you want to suggest a new feature for flipkart, what would it be?
  4. Some behavioral questions.
  5. He also asked me how is the interview process in flipkart and if I had any suggestions to improve the interview process.

Last Updated : 23 Jun, 2019
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