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Flipkart Interview Experience | Set 51 (Off Campus SDE-1)

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The off campus drive was done in Delhi recently.

Round 1: HackerRank Test Online

Q1. Given 2 coordinates as an excel sheet cell number like (2, AA), return true or false whether the line formed between the two points will pass through the origin.


1, AA

2, AB


Explanation : 1, AA => 1, 27 and 2, AB => 2, 28 .

The line between (1, 27) and (2, 28) will not pass through origin.


Q2. Given a string, calculate number of indexes such that the substring to left of the index and the substring to the right of the index contains characters that can form the string “programmer” .

Round 2: Machine Coding Round

A sample problem was given and 1.5 hours was given to code it and run it.

Design a simple solution for a cab company. Queries are given, output the correct values corresponding to it.

q1 : AVG DriverID => give the average rating points for the driver ID given

q2 : AVG CustomerID => give the average rating points for the customer ID given

q3 : TRIP CustomerID Rating DriverID Rating => Add the trip and rating points with customerID and driverID

q4 : TOP Drivers => List the top drivers sorted according to the rating points

q5 : TOP Customers => List the top customers sorted according to the rating points

q6 : ELIGIBLE CustomerID => Give the eligible drivers for the customerID. Eligible drivers had the following criteria ->

(i) The average rating of the driver should be greater than the customer

(ii) If the customer had given the driver a 1 star rating earlier then this driver is not to be considered

(iii) If there are no drivers found, print the ones for which the customer had rode earlier

The initial data was to be hardcoded and the solution was to be designed efficient all edge cases handled and optimised.

Round 3: Technical Interview 

Questions about previous company.

Q1. A stream of integers is coming. As soon as an integer enters, print the earliest non repeating number.

Q2. Given a matrix with ‘X’ and ‘O’, change each ‘O’ to ‘#’ which are surrounded by ‘X’.

Q3. Print all triplets in an array such that their sum is zero and there should be no duplicate element in the triplet.

Round 3: Hiring Manager

This was more of a non technical interview.

He asked what all projects I have worked on. Challenges I faced. Why flipkart?

I had a detailed discussion about the work in his team and what challenges they are facing and the tech stack too.


Last Updated : 04 Dec, 2018
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