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TCS Ninja Interview Experience

Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2022
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Round 1: Online Test

I attempted the NQT test on 18th February 2021. The total duration of the test was 120 mins. The test consisted of the following 3 sections :

  • Numerical Ability (26 questions – 40 mins)
  • Reasoning Ability (30 questions – 50 mins)
  • Verbal Ability (24 questions – 30 mins)

The IT Programming NQT was scheduled for 21st February. This test consisted of :

  • 10 Programming MCQs (15 mins)
  • 2 coding questions (45 mins)

I received a mail regarding the invite to an interview on 3rd March stating that the interview was being scheduled on 4th March. 

Round 2: Interview (TR+MR)

It was a virtual interview. There were two-panel members, One for TR and the other for MR.

The questions asked in the technical round were:

  1. Tell me about yourself?
  2. The programming languages you are familiar with and the level of familiarity? (i.e Basic to Advanced)
  3. The language you prefer the most?
  4. Your favorite subject? (I chose DBMS)
  5. Name a few database management systems. (i.e. MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, etc)
  6. Difference between MySQL and MongoDB?
  7. What is a reference key?
  8. What is a primary key and how do we define it?
  9. What is a trigger?
  10. What is normalization? Have can you do it?
  11. What is data integrity?
  12. Give a brief idea about the projects you have done. (I had done two web development projects and basic implementation of assembler, macro processor and bankers’ algorithm using Java)
  13. The latest version of HTML. How is it different from the previous version?
  14. What is CSS?
  15. How to add CSS to HTML file? (using <style> element)
  16. How to style a paragraph element in CSS? Syntax.
  17. Difference between static and dynamic websites?
  18. What is an assembler?
  19. What is a Macro processor and how is it implemented?
  20. What is the reference for taking up the project? How is it different from other existing projects?
  21. What is JSP? Difference between JSP and Servlet?
  22. What is MVC Model?
  23. What do you know about cloud computing?
  24. The last question, I see you are very good at DBMS. What if we assign you projects other than that?
  25. Discuss a situation that depicts that you are a quick learner? (My answer to the previous question included the term – “quick-learner”)

The other panel member took over the interview, asking the following questions?

  1. Tell me about the company you have done an internship in?
  2. The services it provides?
  3. If it has any association or tie-up with TCS? Do you know about it?
  4. Why do you want to join TCS?
  5. CEO of TCS?
  6. Chairman of TCS?

In the evening, I received an email for the HR interview and document verification which was scheduled the next day, i.e 5th March.

Round 3:

This round was supposed to be HR as was mentioned in the email. But, it was more of a virtual document verification process.

I had a very positive interview experience.

Note: Be honest and only mention the information which you know of, in your resume. If you don’t know any answer, do not try to bluff or beat around the bush. Admit it that you are not very familiar or that you can not remember at the moment. Read about the latest trends in technology. All the very best!

The results were declared on 11th March and I got short-listed for the Ninja offer!

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