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TCS Ninja Interview Experience 2018

Last Updated : 10 Jan, 2022
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Round 1:Round 1 was TCS National Qualifier Test held at TCS  Kolkata Office on 2nd September, 2018. This round consists 4 sections and time alloted was 1 hour 30 minute. 

1.English Section:This Section consists  simple fill in the blanks type question. Knowledge  of basic English Grammer rule is enough to crack to this section. 

2.Aptitude:This Section includes 20 aptitude questions.Questions were  from simple to moderate level .Mostly question from Time, Work, Distance, Speed . 

3.Programming Concepts.Knowledge of basic C, basic sorting and searching algorithms is enough to crack this round 

4.Coding.It contain one coding question .It contains basic series type questions like printing A.P at even position and prime no at odd position.Knowledge of loops, data type, Prime no, A.P, G.P, Armstrong no is enough to crack this section.Time allotted for this section is 20 minute. 

Round 2: 

After clearing 1st round Interview was held on 15th September 2018 at TCS Office, Gitanjali Park, Kolkata. 

There were two person in my interview panel.One was TR and other MR. 

TR asked me to introduce myself. 

After that he started to ask me questions of DBMS. 

Basic DBMS questions like ACID Properties, DeadLock, Concurrency, Heap. 

Difference between DBMS and RDBMS. 

Then asked me about NoSQL Database, some examples of NoSql Database. 

Then MR asked me about my college, where I stay in College. 

Then asked me about my family, Am I okay with any shift of work etc. 

I was well prepared for DBMS part and He asked me question mostly from DBMS so it gave me a lot of Confidence. 

At last They told me that they are impressed with my performance. 

One thing is that If you are confident and your basic core subject concepts are clear you can clear this interview. 

After that I was told to wait outside and then I was instructed to go at Mass HR. 

Mass HR told us about Bond Policy, work ethics of TCS and then individually asked about whether OK if sent any TCS Office., about Family. 

Today on 27th September, 2018 My results declared I got offer Letter. 

Key Point:Always prepare your basic, be Confident and always say ready for any work shift. 


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