TCS Digital Profile Interview Experience 2019 (Delhi)

My TCS interview was of 2 rounds.. first round was a technical and MR mix. There were two persons.. both very frank. they asked me my name, hobbies, where I live etc.
then they started asking questions from my terms on my resume.. git heroku, GitHub, Adobe illustrator etc and asked whether the design of my CV was my own.. it was 😉

Then they started talking about my projects.. my CV had 4 projects on it, and a few websites that I had designed. they started talking about my Java Projects.. I told them what they do, input output processing etc..
they also asked about my android projects.. I answered every question ?

then they gave me the water jug puzzle with 6 litre and 3 litre bucket and told me to extract 4 litres out of an infinite Pool of water. I thought for some minutes and told them it is not possible for me.. ?
then they changed it to 3 l and 5 l. then I told them how we can extract 4.

At last they asked me, if I know about the working behind the apps like swiggy, uber etc.. I told them some things I knew.. but it wasn’t much.. so I told them no.. I don’t have the exact information…

they also asked What’s Cloud, what are the technologies that TCS teams work on. they asked in which technology I want to work on, I said Computer Vision.

After this, I had my HR round.. in which he didn’t qsk much.. just looked at my marks cards.. the asked What’s the meaning of my name.. at last he asked if I won’t be select d for digital, I might get ninja.. is that okay… I said NO 😉 😉 😉

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