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TCS Digital Interview Experience May 2022

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How did I get the chance to give TCS Digital? I had already qualified for TCS Ninja and before joining, TCS allows upgrading to TCS Digital.

First Round: The First Round had the aptitude and Coding questions. It was of 2 hours, 1 hour for Aptitude and 1 hour for coding. 

Aptitude Round: This part was divided into three subjects. The first was English, the second was Quantitative aptitude and the third was Reasoning. The question was on the medium scale as the time was pretty less.

Coding Round: There was 2 Coding question. I made both of the questions. Questions were of medium level. After 20 days I got the mail that your interview is scheduled for tomorrow. I read a lot of Interview experiences on GeeksForGeeks and also brushed up on my theory part.

Interview Round: When I joined the interview, there were three members present in the meeting. The HR told me to show my ID card to the camera and then the Technical Round started. Questions asked are:

  • Introduce yourself.  I told brief info about myself.
  • What is one subject in ECE that you can use to make a project in the field of Computer Science. He asked me this question because I am from an ECE background. I constructed an answer in my head and told him. He was not that pleased.
  • He asked me to explain Kirchhoff’s Law? I was taken aback by this question because I was expecting a DSA question. I asked him to give me 2 minutes to think. He gave me time to think and out of nowhere I remembered Kirchhoff’s Law and I explained him.
  • What is Archimedes’ principle? I answered this one easily.
  • What is Ohms law? Again answered.
  • I was expecting DSA questions but he was asking only ECE-related questions.
  • What is your major project? Told him I made an Android App.
  • Have you deployed it? No, I have not deployed.
  • Why have you not deployed? Told him it has some minor bugs which I will improve.
  • Explain some digital technology you know? Told him about cloud technology and explain a little about it. 
  • He asked some questions about Cloud and also some other digital technology.
  • Which coding language do I use and write a program in Notepad for factorial of a number?  I do coding in C++ and he stopped me midway when I was writing the code and told me his side of the interview is over and now MR will happen.

MR Round: He asked the questions from my resume.

  • List all the projects on your resume? Listed all the projects to him. I had three projects on my resume and each project was an Android app.
  • Asked me to explain a particular project and asked me the logic and how was it made. Since I had made the app, I knew the answer and so I explained it to him.
  • He asked me about the hobby that I had written in my resume. I explained it to him.
  • He asked some more questions that I don’t remember.

HR Round: There was no HR round, she did not ask any questions. Instead, she just inquired if I have any questions. I asked two questions.

  • Among all the technologies in the market which technology should I learn. He explained me thoroughly.
  • What does a Digital System Engineer do? He replied that you will get to know. And then my interview was over.

After one week I got the result that I am Selected for Digital.

Thank You.

Last Updated : 20 Jun, 2022
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