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TCS Digital Interview Experience for Systems Engineer | On-Campus 2022

Last Updated : 13 Jan, 2022
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I am from the 2022 batch and studying in a tier 3 college from Visakhapatnam. TCS Digital visited our college in August 2021. We applied directly on the TCS Next Portal site as my college comes under the premium list of TCS.

Round 1: Verbal, Advanced Quant, Coding

Section 1: Verbal

  • It consists of comprehension questions, English words. It is divided into multiple sections with time limitations.

Section 2: Advanced Quant

  • If your Mathematical skills and logical thinking are good then this section will be a smooth walk, If not then It will become the toughest section of the whole exam. 
  • You will have enough time in this round i.e 35-40 min for 15 questions.

Section 3: Coding Section

Basic or Medium level questions were asked.

  1. Given a list and asked to separate the multiples of 10 and non-multiples of 10 in the output.
  2. The second one is the cyclic rotation of a list.

I have managed to solve both the questions, results were declared after 1 week and I was shortlisted for an interview. It was on the Microsoft Teams platform. The list of selected students for the interview round came 1 week after the coding round. 300 were selected from my college out of 1000. 

Round 2: Interview round(TR, MR, HR)

Section 1: Technical round

First of all, I was asked to show my Govt ID proof on camera.

  • Introduce yourself.
  • About project and internship experience.
  • What is your preferred language & technology?
  • Tuple vs list, what is a dictionary?
  • What is a class?
  • Oops, concepts and types, how do you implement them in both c and c+?
  • What are access specifiers and access modifiers?
  • Data structure algorithm questions?
  • Tell me about stack, heap, queue, linked list, graph, trees?
  • Basic questions on Machine learning.
  • Two programming questions-separation of a list according to the given conditions, another one swap the values of variables with & without temporary variables.

I have solved both programming questions and moved to MR round

Section 2: Managerial round

  • What are your hobbies?
  • Questions based on hobbies.
  • Situation question – You have completed 90% of the client project and 10% is left over and you have 1 day time to complete the remaining work and the next day you have to give a presentation & submit the project to the client. 
  • Then you got to know that there are some minor errors in the project which will affect after 2 years and you found that there is another approach to complete the project in an efficient way but it will take 4 days of time but any cost tomorrow you have to submit the project to the client. so, what you will do if you were in the situation.

After completion of these two rounds, they have said that you can leave the meet but I thought the HR round is leftover, later that day I got mail that they have scheduled an HR round for tomorrow.

Section 3: HR round

  • Introduce yourself.
  • How was your experience in the previous rounds?
  • ID proof, semester-wise mark list verification, 10th & Inter mark list verification.
  • What do you know about TCS?
  • Why do you want to join TCS?
  • Tell me the TCS CEO name?
  • Tell me the company names where were owned by Tata?
  • Willing to relocate?
  • You know about Service Bond.

Suggestion: Do a project on any new technology(ML, IoT, deep-learning, android, blockchain, cloud computing). Have basic knowledge of the latest technologies, prepare fundamentals well, mostly they have asked questions according to the resume so prepare it well.

Results: After two weeks results were declared and I got selected for TCS Digital. Out of 300, only 50 students were selected for digital and 120 students selected for Ninja

Do your best !!

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