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TCS Digital Interview Experience | On-Campus 2022

Last Updated : 13 Jan, 2022
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TCS came to our campus for digital profile in-take. more than 1200 members registered and were eligible to write the first elimination round.

Round 1: consists of 3 sections:

  • Verbal(15 Q’s)
  • Quants(15 Q’s)
  • 2 Coding questions(1 easy, 1 tough, Problem related to DP)

Mcq’s were easy. One can easily solve these MCQs if he/ she has practiced in any of the online forums like IndiaBix. Coding depends on luck and logic.

Round 2: Final Interview:

My interview was scheduled for 23rd August 2021 at 3:30 pm. They gave me a Microsoft teams link and I joined and waited a long time.

Then suddenly 3 panelists were there and were ready at around 4:45 pm that day and here goes my Interview :

  • p1: Panel1  p2 : Panel2: p3 : Panel 3
  • P1: Hi, Can you show me any ID proof
  • ME: I did
  • P2: Introduce abt yourself
  • ME: Done, I gave my introduction very well and also gave them an introduction about my projects.
  • P2: If you are given a project which does not involve working with JAVA(my fav :)) then would you do it?
  • ME: I said YES and gave valid reasons
  • P2: (Going thru my resume) U say that u are good in JAVA right? So can you open a notepad and do the following coding questions?
  • ME: Sure sir
  • P2: Q1: Remove duplicate elements from an array and print the non-duplicate elements :
  • ME: Done(Used Hash Set in JAVA)
  • P2: Q2: Reverse a string
  • ME: Done(Used Char Array and iterated in reverse)
  • By this time, two of the panelists left the meeting( Both HR and MR), only TR was there till the end.
  • P2: Are you ready to re-locate?
  • ME:  Yes, (gave some valid reasons)
  • P2: Thank you, we are done, u can drop the call, I will inform the others as well.
  • ME: thank you, sir !.

That’s it guys, it was for about 22 minutes. After giving my interview I was really happy as I was able to answer all.

BUT, here comes the plot twist. I was not shortlisted for the “DIGITAL” profile but I was shortlisted for the “NINJA” profile

Reasons: God alone knows. I was mentioning my projects everywhere possible but they didn’t ask me anything about my projects. After my interview, I was 99.99% confident that I would bag the Digital offer but they have placed me in a ninja profile.

Moral: Please be patient and wait until results are announced. A lot of my friends who got placed in digital were asked a lot of stuff with respect to their projects and their interests. If you were asked about your projects, then please feel happy and be prepared for the counter questions as well. 

Do your best !!

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