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Target Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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Round 1(Coding Test): Two DSA questions were asked as mentioned below:

  1. Asked to print the common substring in the given set of strings.
  2. It was based on trees, to find the maximum distance from one leaf to another leaf.

Round 2(Technical Interview): There were two interviewers and the interview was scheduled on aspiring minds. Both were working in Target for more than 8 years. I was first asked to introduce myself, focusing on my project. 

  1. Then I was given a simple string manipulation question, and various cross-questions on my approach.  
  2. I was asked about the courses that I had done. I told them that I had a good practice of DSA, along with DBMS and OOP. So to verify it, they asked my some basic question on the topics like indexing, encapsulation, etc. 
  3. I was then asked to solve a puzzle. 
  4. Then they straightaway went on to my project. I made an eCommerce website, and they literally asked each and every detail of it, and what changes would I make to it now. You really need to have a complete understanding of your projects. I suggested that I would probably design my databases more efficiently to which they asked – how can I store data in C++ if I tend to store it in a sorted fashion. I first approached with map, to which they asked to use some database that does not give you this facility of sorting automatically. So I used a linked list for the same. He was very impressed with my approach to using LinkedList. I basically thought of inserting data in a sorted fashion, which means whenever a new entry arrives, I place them where they should be in the list. They further asked me to optimize the solution and I suggested we could maintain a mid variable that will help me to traverse the list in half time. 

He was very impressed with my approach. Then he asked me about my electronics project which I did not mention in my resume.  The interview went on for around 1hr 15 mins.

Round 3(Technical Round): The interview started with a brief introduction of the interviewer, followed by my interview. This interview was based on my resume. I had done machine learning projects too well, so he asked how would I be able to apply machine learning to my eCommerce website. This interview was more of a discussion than just questions answers. He was trying to analyze my approach to a particular problem. He was trying to integrate all the things written in my resume to test my experience with each project. The interviewer had also asked how would I go about implementing a search feature on my website.

Prepare your resume very well. You should be able to apply the concepts used in your projects to an entirely new problem. I would suggest for non-cs people, you need to prepare for OS, DBMS, OOP, and DSA. You can not discount any topics if you want a decent placement. Companies do expect you to know the basics of OS.

Last Updated : 08 Feb, 2021
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