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Target Corporation Interview Experience | Set 1 (On-Campus)

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 06 Dec, 2014

31 Questions in 60 minutes.
30 Quantitative and Computer Fundamentals Questions
1 Coding Question:
Obtain the number of Trailing zeroes in the factorial of a given number N.

About 27 students were Shortlisted for interviews after this.

Interview 1: (Technical)
1) Remove Duplicate from an array.
2) Explain Merge Sort and Quick Sort.
3) What Data Structure does Quick Sort remind you of?
4) Given a number N find the nearest perfect square.
i/p : 17
o/p : 16
5) Questions about my projects.

Interview 2: (HR Questions)
1) Problems faced during the project.
2) Biggest achievement of life.
3) And some 3-4 more questions( Don’t Remember exactly)

Interview 3:(Mixed Questions)
1) Questions related to resume(About 4-5).
2) Was asked my favourite subject in my department( Not CS ).
3) Questions on how would I use that knowledge in Retail Industry.
4) And a few more Questions from my Resume( Don’t Remember Exactly).

Overall Experience was Very Good and the Interviewers were the very friendly.

I would like to thank which helped me throughout my preparation in such a short duration of time.

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