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Target Corporation Interview Experience
  • Last Updated : 04 Mar, 2020

Round 1: Hacker rank test consisting of 1 coding problem and mcq on D’S and algo and some aptitude questions

Round 2: Discussion on your project in depth and asked to write some code such as missing number in series and count frequency of occurrence of string in vector of string and swap 2 number with out third variable and questions on sql..asked to write the queries on left join, right join, inner and outer join and difference between union and union all and some other basics on sql.

Round 3:  Again discussed in projects and oops concepts and mainly on function overriding and it’s advantages and interviewer asked to explain oops  with real time examples

Round4: HR round questions tell what you have did out of your studies and why you want become an software engineer because am an ECE student, goals etc…

Finally 8 members went for hr. 6 were selected…me and another guy was rejected.

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