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Target Corporation Interview Experience | Set 3 (On-Campus)

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Online test in the Campus:
It Includes 31 questions,out of which 30 were Multiple choice questions and 1 coding question.
Multiple choice questions includes aptitude, expected output for given code snippet,expected error whether segmentation fault or compile time error,etc.It is better to learn the operator precedence and order of Associativity.

Coding question: You are having a playlist in which there are n songs each of duration ‘song_duration’ and there will be a gap of 5 seconds of silence between every song.your first song will be start playing at 0 sec.Simultaneously your phone starts beeping at 0 sec and it will beep for that 1 complete second only and repeats beeping for every given ‘call_delay’.If the mobile beeps when the song is playing you can’t hear to the beep.Now you have to find the second at which you can listen to that beep.
Example: n=3 song_duration=7 sec call_delay=5 sec
song start—end | beeps at
1) 0——-6 0,5 you cannot listen to beep since song is playing simultaneously
      7——11 10, Song don’t play in this time but beeps at 10 so you can listen to it
2) 12—–18 15
      19—23 silence and beeps at 20 you can listen again

Technical interview 1:
After the test around 30 people were shortlisted
Started with Tell me about yourself
qn1 : Given a binary tree,you should do level order traversal from bottom,done using a queue and a stack,Asked to write code.
qn2 : Given sting1 and string2 you should find whether string2 is a sub string of string1 or not.Asked to write code
ended with Why this field?
Interviewer was very cool,just don’t panic

Technical Interview 2:
Initially asked to write code for any sorting algo may be to make me relax
Then we discussed a lot about my technical intern
Little hr kind qns..
He is very friendly and used to maintain smile 😀

HR Interview:
This was Awesome I enjoyed it
He asked me around 12-15 qns in the span of around 30 minutes
He asked to give an instances for every situation he asked where i have showcased certain skills,did something efficiently,etc..
He was pretty fast and used to write keywords for everything i say
Ended with whether I had any interviews that day before and their status
That’s it ..!!
Good Luck..

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Last Updated : 08 Dec, 2015
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