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Start Content Writing at GeeksforGeeks – Give Words to Your Ideas & Learnings!

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  • Last Updated : 29 Sep, 2021
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Content Writing is undeniably one of the most worthwhile and rewarding skills, that an individual can possess, in terms of every aspect whether it be to showcase your expertise in a particular domain to others, to enhance your technical, research & creativity skills, to deliver your message or connect with your targeted audience, or to build a professional career as a content writer & earn some heavy paychecks!  


Though most of the individuals already know this remarkable potential and career prospects of Content Writing – due to lack of awareness, lack of guidance, and most importantly, lack of exposure to a reliable platform for content writing, they usually tend to miss out on the exemplary opportunity of getting started with Content Writing.  

But…like always, GeeksforGeeks is here to help you out with this and thus, welcomes all the individuals who want to showcase their writing skills and thrive as a technical content writer!

GeeksforGeeks offers you the much-needed platform to get started with content writing along with giving you satisfactory recognition, rewards, and other career opportunities for your technical & writing skills. Not only this, but you also get detailed feedback on your articles from the experts to know where you need to improve. As you would’ve known that GeeksforGeeks is one of the most popular communities among programmers and tech enthusiasts all across the world with a reach of around 10 million+ users – Writing at GFG will surely give you limitless exposure and uncountable career opportunities.  

Let’s see some of the other prominent benefits of getting started with content writing at GeeksforGeeks:

  1. It helps you to enhance your knowledge for a particular domain and get expertise in it as when you opt to contribute an article at GeeksforGeeks – you are firstly required to have a clear understanding of the particular topic.
  2. You get prestigious certifications, author ranking badges, etc. for your work that subsequently validate your writing skills and boost your resume.
  3. You get paid really well for the content that you contribute at GeeksforGeeks and are also provided with various other exciting rewards & prizes.
  4. Numerous career opportunities including Freelance Technical Content Writing, Technical Content Writing Internship, etc are offered.

Now, it’s time to know what our past contributors have to say:

Rohit Kumar Singh (Geek of the month)“I would like to thank GeeksforGeeks for providing me the opportunity to contribute articles. The GFG review team was extremely helpful throughout the process, they were always swift in replying to my queries. Writing articles for GFG helped me a lot in learning new concepts. Explaining approaches for an algorithm gave me more clarity regarding the concepts than just solving the problems. I would like to extend my gratitude towards GeeksforGeeks for providing such a platform where one can learn and innovate.”

Manav Agarwal (Geek of the month)“I always wanted to share my knowledge with the world and GeeksforGeeks gave me the platform for the same. I started writing articles here and I am really impressed with the User Interface of the dashboard and easy-to-use portal. And it feels good when your work is appreciated and that is what GeeksforGeeks did after each of my articles. I thank the whole GeeksforGeeks team to honour me with this distinguished title of “Geek of the month” and I assure that I will keep spreading my knowledge by writing more and more articles.”  

Ankita Saini (Geek of the month) “Thanks a lot GeeksforGeeks! I still remember the day when I applied for a content writing internship at GeeksforGeeks. Since then, I have always been committed to contributing my best to the organization. An accolade of “Geek of the month” is really a huge encouragement and awards like these not only endorse our commitment towards the organization but also ignites within us the fire to keep stretching ourselves more and more. Thank you so much to the complete team of GeeksforGeeks!”.

Check out the words of all the contributors from here.  

Moving further, you need to know that who is eligible to write articles at GeeksforGeeks…?? – Okay, so let us tell you that anyone, be it a student or a working professional, can contribute at GeeksforGeeks to showcase their technical & writing skills and to help others by sharing their knowledge.  

Now, let’s understand how to get started with article writing at GeeksforGeeks…??

To get started with article writing at GeeksforGeeks, all you need to do is follow the below-mentioned steps:  

  1. First and foremost, you’re required to visit the Write Portal and then write your article on your preferred topic under the ‘Write an Article’ section. In case, if you don’t have any topic to write on, then go to the Write on Suggested Topic section, and there you can find a lot of category-wise topics with proper descriptions. Choose any one of them and start writing the article. After writing the article, do submit it for review. The status of your article will become Pending after the submission.
  2. The team will then review your article and give you feedback in comments under the article (if required). The article status will then be changed to ‘Awaiting Author’.
  3. You’ll be required to improve your article as per the given feedback, and again submit the article for review. Now the status of your article will become Pending again.
  4. Once you’re done with all the required changes, your article status will become In Review, which means it has been approved and is going to get published soon.
  5. When your article gets published, the status of your article becomes Published.

Moving ahead, let’s talk about how can you get a Technical Content Writing Internship at GeeksforGeeks…??

So, GeeksforGeeks offers the Technical Content Writing Internship only to the students who’re currently studying and are good at article writing along with being knowledgeable enough to write about a particular topic with some good research practices. One can apply for this Technical Content Writing Internship at GFG by clicking on the ‘Apply for Internship’ button from the Write Portal itself.  

  • Though let us tell you that before applying for the internship program, you first need to write & submit two sample articles on your preferred topic at In case, if you have already written two articles, you can directly click on apply internship button. Also, these first 2 sample articles should not be under these categories or similar types: Function, Method, Difference Between, Interview Experiences, Placements, and Internships.
  • Once your two articles will get published, you then can go to, apply for the Internship/Freelance, download the Offer Letter and upload the signed Offer Letter there. Moreover, it will be a WFH and PAID INTERNSHIP. Also, you can choose the internship period at your conveniences such as  2 months, 3 months, or 6 months.

Now, you must be thinking there is the Technical Content Writing Internship for the students but what about the working professionals or other individuals who’re currently not studying? Wait, we’ve something for these people as well! And here we’re talking about the Freelance Technical Content Writing Program.  

  • This Freelance Technical Content Writing Program by GeeksforGeeks would be very beneficial for the working professionals and other individuals like who’s currently in search for a job or at a career break as here you’ll get the experience certificate for all the duration you’ll work, flexible work hours and workload, new skills development, and work-life balance, will get paid really well for the content that you write, etc.
  • To apply for this Freelance Technical Content Writing Program, here also, you’ll be required to write and submit two sample articles first with the initial 2 articles not to be under these categories or similar types: Function, Method, Difference Between, Interview Experiences, Placements, and Internships.

Now, it’s time to check out various remarkable Technical Content Writing Contests & Challenges that are organized frequently at GeeksforGeeks to enhance the spriting of contest writing among all the geeks out there:

  1. Technical Scripter Event by GeeksforGeeks
  2. Write From Home Challenge by GeeksforGeeks
  3. GeeksforGeeks Blogathon 2021  
  4. ProGeek Cup 2021 – A Project Competition By GeeksforGeeks

So, as of now, you would’ve understood GeeksforGeeks is undoubtedly the perfect place for you to get started with your writing endeavors. Doesn’t matter if you’re a student who wants to enhance his skillset and boost the resume or a working professional who want to make some extra money with his writing skills or an individual who is looking forward to building a full-time career in the writing domain – there’s everything for everyone at GeeksforGeeks!  

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