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Radisys Labs Interview Experience for Software Developer Engineer | On-Campus 2021 (Virtual)

Last Updated : 21 Jul, 2021
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It was a great experience and I must say it was a complete assessment of core knowledge in the CSE branch, the whole process took 8 days but it was worth waiting.

Round 1(Online Test): It was an online test round that consisted of 55 questions and the time duration was 65 min. 

  • It consists of 6 sections from Aptitude, DSA, OS, C, JAVA, ALGORITHMS. 
  • The question was easy to medium and can be solved easily in a given time. 
  • I don’t know exactly how many have given this round from the college but only 11 people were shortlisted and I was one of them.

Round 2(Technical Interview 1): After 4 days, the online test results were announced and I got to know that I was the one with the highest score because they schedule the interview accordingly. It was 1st technical round on teams because the pandemic whole process was virtual only. 

  • There was 2 interviewer and the HR itself present in the process. 
  • The interview starts with my introduction as I have my thesis work in Computer Networks so the interviewer was interested to go deep in the project detail and asked some questions from it, it was a 10-12 min discussion after that they moved on to another section. 
  • Now they asked some basic questions from C like what is Structure, what is empty structure, and what is the size of the empty structure in C and C++. 
  • After that, they asked some questions on the Integer range in C like if we add to MAX_INT value then how we going to store it in an int only I gave some answer but they were not satisfied with the answer, after that they asked me two puzzle questions and I only able to crack one of them after that I searched it on geeks and both were available in the interview puzzle section.

Round 3(Technical Interview 2): In round 2 I was not able to answer 2 questions so I was less expecting for the 3rd round, and usually Radisys finish all their round in one day only as it was happening on their 1st visit to the campus but this time whole process took place differently. 

  • The next day I call HR for the update and he told me that you have cleared the 2nd round and your 3rd round is scheduled for today then I received the link in 10 mins. 
  • It was also a technical round and this time there was 3 Interviewer present along with the HR. 
  • So as usual I joined 5 min before the schedule and one of the interviewers was already started the meeting. 
  • 1st he told me to wait for others to join the meeting but they were taking some time so the interviewer asked me a puzzle question 
  • I was able to crack that within a minute. 
  • So the interviewer told me to brief about myself, and again I told about my project. 
  • Then he asked me to explain Connection Establishment in TCP protocol. 
  • We discussed some more things on this topic and it took 10-12 min. 
  • Meanwhile, everyone else has joined the meeting. Now one by one they start asking questions. Each of them picks different categories from core subjects like Data Structures, CN, and OS.

From DS:

  1. Delete a single node from the linked list whose node address is given.
  2. Find the intersection point in the linked list.

From CN:

  1. TCP socket programming
  2. ARP, BOOTP, DHCP table.
  3. MAC table, Flooding.
  4. Routing Algorithms.              

From OS:

  1. Priority Inversion.  

And then some OOPS concept 

  •  After that one interviewer asked me to store some constant integers less than the size of an integer, so there was 3 constant value and I have to store in less than 12 Bytes, I gave some solution and finally I was able to store it in 3B only using the Char but he told me to reduce it further than I gave ans using Union, but he told to reduce it further and I don’t know how to do it so I quit. 
  • And at last, they asked me a puzzle ques which I was able to crack easily. Except that 1 one reduce size question I was able to ans most of the ques.
  •  I was very sure that I would make it to the HR round and finally I did.
  • The next day again I call HR for the update and he told me that I’m shortlisted for the HR round. 

Round 4(HR): I got the link and this round hardly takes 10-12 min only. 

  • HR was very nice, she asked about my family background then my academics percentage because my percentage dropped from 10th to 12th so she asked me the reason behind this I explain to her then she told me that I need to work hard.

After 3 days college announced the result and only two-person got selected and I was one of them

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