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Radisys Interview Experience for Software Engineer (On-Campus)

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Round 1-Online Round (1 hour): This round was only MCQ based round, all the questions were MCQ based. There were nearly 50 questions

It has sections which are:

  1. Aptitude
  2. DS
  3. CPP
  4. Java

The questions were easy, just try to solve as many as possible. This round was video and audio proctored and also they told us to add an extension to our browser which will share our screen. So, they were focusing on all the things i.e. your video, audio, and also your screen.

Round 2(Technical for 1 hour): The interviewer was very friendly, first she asked me to introduce and then jumped to the questions. 

  • First, she asked me for an overview of my projects (this was only an overview i.e. the motive of the project and what is a project all about, it was a 10min discussion)>
  • Then a puzzle which was a burning rope puzzle in which you have to measure 45 minutes using 2 ropes.
  • Then she asked me scheduling algorithms in OS, after that she asked me starvation, deadlock, and the difference between them.
  • She asked me the SQL query for the 5th highest salary. 
  • Then she asked me a coding problem which was just to reverse words in a given string Reverse words in a given string. With different approaches, she asked me to write the code. 
  • Then she asked to explain method overloading and method overriding with code, and she also asked me about static keyword.
  • Then she jumped to DBMS and asked me what is a transaction and explain ACID properties. 

She was very friendly, at last, she asked me about my native place, and asked me if I have any questions for her.

Round 3(Technical for 1 hour): In this round, the interviewer was the vice president of engineering in Radisys, 

  • First asked me about college life and how you landed at this college. He started with the project discussion and the discussion went up to 25min, he asked me why I chose that project, what was the motivation, the difficulties you faced, and what was your favourite part in this project implementation. 
  • After this he asked me which coding language do you prefer, I told him that for online coding I prefer CPP, and for projects, I use Java, JavaScript for web development, and another language also according to technology.
  • He asked me basic java questions on Bytecode like what is it, how it works on top of JVM, how JVM works on top of the operating system, how java is independent, can we run java code on a machine without JVM. I was able to answer these questions comfortably. 
  • Then he asked me what happens when we run a C program, he asked me in detail. I told him properly preprocessing phase, compilation phase, Assembly, Linker, and loader. He was impressed, and then he went more deeply into object code, I simply told him that I don’t know this much in deep. He said okay no problem. 
  • Then he asked me about deadlock, how it happens, give a real-world example, have you ever faced a deadlock, and how it happened. I answered these questions pretty well. 

Then he asked me whether I had any questions for him. 

PS: Always ask a question

Round 4(HR for 1/4 hour): This round was just a very comfortable around, they asked me about me, my academic performance throughout, my family members, what your father and mother do. Why do you want to join radisys and are you comfortable in relocating? They asked me whether I had any doubt regarding Radisys. 

NOTE: If you have an interview for Radisys just make sure your basics are good, revise oops, SQL, language, OS and DBMS.

Verdict: Selected

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Last Updated : 27 Oct, 2020
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