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Radisys Interview Experience for Software Engineer (On-Campus 2020)

  • Last Updated : 14 Dec, 2020
Geek Week

Round 1 (Online 1 Hour): It was conducted on Mettl. This round consisted of 65 MCQ questions based on 5 sections:

  1. C++ (Recognizing output of programs)
  2. Operating Systems (Theoretical Questions related to scheduling, types of OS, threading, etc)
  3. Data Structures (Theoretical Questions/Time Complexity)
  4. Java (Theoretical Questions)

There was no negative marking. Some questions required thinking, while some were straightforward.

I am not very sure, but there were probably sectional cut-offs also. After the first round, more than half of the students were rejected. The selected students’ names appeared in the list as per their marks.

Round 2 (Technical Interview 1.25 Hours): The interviewer was in a very senior position. First I introduced myself, and then he started with the questions:

  • First, he asked how much do I know C. I said that I mostly code in Python but I know C also. So, he asked how do we allocate memory in C, which I told him. Then he asked me to write code to allocate memory using pointers, which I couldn’t since I was not good with pointers.
  • Then he asked me to implement Linked List data structure and various methods in it like traverse, delete, etc, in Python.
  • Next, he jumped on to aptitude questions like finding the angle between clock needles, finding the age of a person based on given conditions, PnC questions, etc which were easy to moderate.
  • Then he started asking about Operating Systems in depth. He asked threads vs processes, mutex vs semaphore, binary semaphore, Inter-Process Communication, Scheduling Algorithms, Round Robin, Multi-Level Feedback Queue, Priority Inversion, etc.
  • Then he asked about some scheduling algorithms and asked to write a pseudo code of Selection Sort.

Again, half of the students selected for this round were rejected.

Round 3 (Technical Interview 50 Minutes): The interviewer was very nice.

  • He first asked how was my earlier interview.
  • Then he started asking about each and every project written on my resume in detail (coding approach and theory related to project, if any),
  • Then he asked about internship work.
  • He then asked me to write an SQL Query, which was simple.
  • Then questions related to Computer Networks followed (OSI Model layer functions).
  • He then asked about my future goals.

Again, some students were rejected in this round.

Round 4 (HR Round 15 Minutes: Just some general questions like academic performance, family background, etc.

No one was rejected in this round.

Result: Selected (A total of 5 students were selected from our college)

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