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Radisys Interview Experience for FTE | On-Campus (Virtual 2021)

Last Updated : 16 Feb, 2021
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Round 1(Online Test): There was an online test in which they give some MCQs based on C, CPP, Java, algorithms, DS, aptitude.

Round 2(Technical Interview 1): Firstly I was asked about introduced myself. Two panelists were there they said to me an open notepad and write code of nth node in LinkedList from the end. After that, I was asked about dynamic memory allocation like malloc(),calloc(). Then I was asked two more code reverse strings, one I didn’t Remember but that was also an easy one. After that, they asked me about the pointer and goes in deep everything from the pointer give some pointer code n asked output of that code.

Few more Questions were asked:

  1. What is a static variable?
  2. Difference between static and global.
  3. What is Storage class?
  4. Storage class type and its real-life example where we used
  5. Trie DS
  6. Some real-life scenario questions(apart from which I mentioned above)

That round was very easy they only check you have knowledge of basic c language or not. Don’t give them just theoretical answers give some examples of each question.

That was around 47 minutes.

Round 3(Technical Interview 2): First I was asked about introduced myself. But I did one mistake while giving an introduction I said I participated in SIH and made a project with the team, so they asked a lot of cross-questions on that I was asked about gdb debugger, How to debug your code if you have millions of line of code, How to find a corrupted node in a linked list, Some tricky questions they were going deep in my whole interview they asked about Debugging Like which os you are used how to run code and some errors occur how to debug it

Tell some debugger name, for some questions I Cleary said no because they went very deep. After that, I was asked some questions on the os-producer consumer problem.

  1. What is a Scheduling algorithm and give some scheduling algorithm?
  2. Semaphore, mutex

And some more easy basic questions on os which I didn’t remember now. That was around a 37 minute

Round4(HR): I was asked about how was your day how was your two round what they asked. Family background, Hobbies, have you given any interview before that, I said yes given 2-3 interview and got rejected on that, she said why, so I said I have given my best but maybe at that moment someone is a little better to me, Why Radisys, After that she said done with these round congratulations you got shortlisted how you feel at that moment I was really happy. She said tomorrow we will send the offer letter to you and at last, she said again congratulations!!!!

Finally, a total of 4 students got FTE offers. And luckily I was one of them.

Tip: Be confident and enthusiastic while appearing for an interview and don’t mug up the things just before the interview. You should have good knowledge of C/CPP, OS., and also knowledge of basics only. 

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