Radisys Interview for Software Engineer (On Campus)

Round 1(Online Test): 

59 questions in 60 minutes

Section          no of que

CPP                      10

java                      9

Apti.                  20

DS                      20

It’s just a rough division based on how much I was able to recollect.

Apti was very easy.

total of 96 candidates wrote the test and they shortlisted 1/3 i.e 33

After shortlisting, they provided a form for personal details and some about ourself type questions.

they called the shortlisted candidates in Descending order of marks. half of them were called on same day and remaining were called on next day.

Round 2:(Technical 1, 30-35 mins) It was a one to one discussion. He started with a project overview. I was having a C++ and Data Structures project. so he started with that and took the overview of TRIE DS. Then he asked not to use Bool and instead try to use MACRO.

Then he asked me to differentiate between new and malloc. (10 min)

Then he asked about Inter-Process Communication but I was not comfortable with OS then he moved Networking.

OSI Layers and then asked about IP address and where it exists.

MAC address- I explained it in detail and he was very impressed with that

Egg Dropping Puzzle

given an unsorted array, return the minimum index of doublet having sum equals to target.

Interviewer was very helpful throughout the interview

Then he asked me for any questions- I asked two.

Round 3(HR 45-50 min): HR was a very jolly person. we had a very good interaction during the pre-placement talk.

First, he told me that he was very excited to meet me when he saw my name.

He started with my family details, father business.

Then he asked how I managed my communication in Trichy while seeing my hometown.

I was the Chairman of our Departmental Symposium, so he asked a few questions on that.

Why should I Hire you?

I asked my score in Online Test also.

I asked 2 questions at the end.

Round 4(Technical 2, 25-30 min): It was with Senior Manager

One problem on trains question.

The 3 & 5 Litre Die Hard Water Puzzle  https://practice.geeksforgeeks.org/problems/the-3-5-litre-die-hard-water-puzzle

Project discussion(overview)

Asked me to explain TRIE Ds as it was used in my project.

I asked one question at the end of the discussion.

Next day after other candidate’s interviews they announced the result. Finally, 4 students were selected for FTE and I was  one of them.


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