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Puzzle 70 | Tom and Jerry

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Once upon a time Tom and Jerry thought of having a race on a circular track. The diameter of the track was 200 yards. 

  • They both started from same starting point. Tom being confident did not move until he found jerry has moved 1/8-th of the distance.
  • Now Tom starts to move and meets jerry on the circular track. Tom finds that at this point of time ,he has moved only 1/6th of total distance. Now the fear of losing the race starts to disturb him.
  • He starts wondering how much faster should he move comparatively to win the race. Please help him .


Solution: Tom wins the race without increasing his current speed. 


When Tom met Jerry, he covered 1/6th of the total distance while Jerry covered a distance of (1/6 – 1/8) of the total distance. Clearly Tom’s speed is higher and does not need to increase his current speed.

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Last Updated : 18 Jan, 2023
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