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Zoho Interview Experience | Set 13 (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 28 Jun, 2021
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The selection process is based on 5 rounds which lasted for 2 days. Round 1 and Round 2 held on the first day and the remaining rounds held on the second day.

Round 1

It contained 30 questions (20 C aptitude + 10 general aptitude). All the questions are in fill the blanks format. No MCQs.

Round 2

It contained 5 programming problems :

      1. You’re given an array. Print the elements of the array which are greater than its previous elements in the array.
        Input : 2, -3, -4, 5, 9, 7, 8    Output: 2 5 9You should solve this question in O(n) time.
      2. You’re given an even number n. If n=4, you have to print the following pattern :44444334



        If n=6, then the pattern should be like this :







      3. You’re given a number n. If write all the numbers from 1 to n in a paper, we have to find the number of characters written on the paper.For example if n=13, the output should be 18 if n = 101, the output should be 195
      4. A number is called as binary-decimal if all the digits in the number should be either ‘1’ or ‘0’. Any number can be written as a sum of binary-decimals. Our task is to find the minimum number of binary-decimals to represent a number.Input : 32Output : 10 11 11

        Input : 120

        Output : 10 110

      5. You’re given a string as an input. You have to reverse the string by keeping the punctuation and spaces. You have to modify the source string itself with creating an another string.
        Input :A man, in the boat says : I see 1-2-3 in the sky

        Output :

        y kse, ht ni3 21ee slsy : a sta o-b-e ht nin amA

Level 3 : (Advanced programming)

We were asked to develop a mini-project ‘Invoice Management’ with the following modules :

1. Add a customer

2. Add an invoice

3. Add items to an invoice

4. List all customers

5. List all invoices

6. List all invoices of a customer

7. Display the full details of an invoice

Level 4: (Technical HR)

Questions were mostly based on Database Management. The other areas include Data Structures and Operating Systems. Some of the example questions are : What is referential integrity, Explain outer joins : Left outer join and right outer join, What are holes in OS etc..,

Level 5: (General HR)

Some blah blah questions.

They also give me puzzles while I was solving level 2 programming questions. After all these rounds only 2% of people survived. Hope it helps all. Good luck.

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