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Project Idea | Hand-Web Browser

Last Updated : 13 Aug, 2018
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Project Title:- Hand-web Browser – Controlling Web Browser via different hand gestures

Introduction:- Web Browsers is a very common software application which we use every day, every hour. Use of technology can make use of web browsers more and easier. We know about hand gestures. Why not try hand gestures to control the browser itself?

The Internet is growing at a very fast pace. The use of web browser is also growing. The Internet is a solution to everything. Now, everyone has at least 2-3 most frequently visited website. Now, what if visits on those sites can be made simpler? I have tried to address the current situation and tried to make the use of a web browser easier.

Objective:- The Objective of my hack is to design a robust and efficient system which will be able to control the browser via hand gestures i.e. different hand gestures will be assigned to different sites. So, if we show a particular hand gesture, a particular site will open up in a new tab.

How it is better than the current system?
Everyone has some sites which are used very frequently. For example:- If someone is fond of social media, he/she can assign different hand gestures for sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and youtube. So, instead of typing the whole site name, you would be able to open the site in a new tab with just a hand gesture.

    Software architecture:-

  • Anaconda(Spyder IDE)
  • OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision Library)
  • Webbrowser module

Idea: I plan to design a system to solve above problem using image processing techniques and controlling the browser using hand gestures. At, first the user needs to enter the sites which he/she frequently visits and needs to control those sites using hand gestures. A user needs to enter the site names for the particular hand gestures. That’s all, the user can now control the browser, open sites in new tabs using hand gesture and can even close the browser using the hand gesture. Thus, a hand gesture controlled browser is made.
In this way a user can easily open the sites which he/she wants in the new tab using the hand gesture.


2 fingers are used to open facebook.

3 fingers are used to open Youtube.

4 fingers are used to open Twitter.

5 fingers are used to close Web Browser.

    Future Enhancements:

  1. We can apply some suitable image processing techniques and enable the system to scroll up and down in the page using different hand gestures. This might be useful if someone is reading an article or scrolling feeds.
  2. We can also enable the system to play/pause the video or audio in the current page using image processing technique/hand gesture control. Thus the video or audio in the current page will be played just by some hand gestures. For Example:- While using youtube we can play/pause the video we are watching whenever necessary using hand gestures.
  3. A combination of voice recognition and hand gestures would avoid the use of keyboard completely and would be of great help to visually and physically challenged people.

GitHub Code Repository:-
Instructions on how to execute the code are included in the mentioned GitHub Repository above in the ReadMe File.
YouTube link:-
Technology is cool ! So, are we!
A new era is about to begin!

Team Members:- SHIVAM MALANI

Note: This project idea is contributed for ProGeek Cup 2.0- A project competition by GeeksforGeeks.

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