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Project Idea | Breakout game in Python

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Project Title: Breakout game in Python

Introduction: The project ‘Breakout game in Python’ is proposed to recreate a classical game of Breakout by using the Python language. It is meant to be a fully functional game with scores, lives, game over, and high score management. The high scores can also be uploaded to a website. The game is playable with a standard keyboard and mouse.
* Fully functional game with scores and lives.
* User interface having a main menu, game over screen and a high scores screen, along with the main game screen.
* Collision detection between two objects as well as bounds.
* Option to upload high scores to a website via FTP.
Tools Used: The pygame library which provides a lot of classes and methods to implement a game in the Python programming language along with the PyCharm IDE (JetBrains PyCharm Community Edition 2017) which is an easy-to-use IDE for Python developers. The entire game was developed in Python 3.6.

Special instructions: In order to run the project, it is strongly recommended to download and install the latest versions of PyCharm IDE, Python, and the pygame library on the test machine. The test machine must also run Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or above and must have a supported graphics card and processor. Kindly download the files from the GitHub repository and open the folder BreakoutGame as a PyCharm project in PyCharm itself and run it from there to ensure that there are no directory structure issues.
FTP values of host name, username and password were removed from the GitHub files for privacy reasons. Can test this by introducing your own FTP host along with the appropriate username and password, and by uncommenting game.ftp_upload() in Score file will be found in the /breakout directory of your host. For our hosted scores, kindly visit
Team Members:
Rayhaan Pirani
Aman Bansal
Shaik Mohammad Afridi
MD Ahmed
GitHub repository:

Last Updated : 07 Feb, 2018
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