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Precily Inc. Interview Experience for SDE Intern

Last Updated : 04 Aug, 2023
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I applied to Precily Inc. off-campus, via Internshala while I was in my 3rd year. The role was for SDE Intern (MERN with TypeScript).

Round 1: Online Assignment

An assignment was given that had to be completed using the MERN stack. Three simple APIs were required to be created and integrated with the front end. The front end had a straightforward UI design that was expected to be responsive. The submission was requested through GitHub, however, I also hosted it on Vercel to make it easily accessible.

Round 2: Online Interview

The interviewer was friendly, he asked JavaScript-related questions such as Event loop, promises, closure, currying, let vs var vs const. Along with the questionnaire, 2 simple DSA questions were also asked which were related to Map and Set. Along with JavaScript, basic React and Express questions were also asked, such as Virtual DOM, React Hooks, update queries, middleware, state management, use effect.

Round 3: Online Interview

The interviewer wasn’t satisfied with my performance, so they conducted another interview the next day. Similar questions were asked besides the DSA.

Verdict: Got selected for the internship for a course of 6 months. It was a great experience and I got to learn some new technologies as well such as TypeScript and Next.js along with flexible timings.

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