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Clearfeed Interview Experience for SDE Intern

Last Updated : 06 Mar, 2023
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I was Interviewed for the SDE intern role at Clearfeed. Hiring consists of three technical rounds.

First Round: is the online assessment round in which three DSA-based questions were asked of which two questions were of Medium level difficulty and one question was of hard Level. I was able to solve all three of them and got the interview call for the next round.

Second Round is the 1-hour interview that the senior software engineer took. The following questions were asked:

I could answer most of those questions and got the call for the next interview round.

Third Round: The next Interview is the Hiring manager round(tech) which is taken by the co-founder of the company. The following questions were asked:

  • Project Discussion
  • Previous Internship experience Discussion
  • Explain the use effect working in react
  • Some SQL Queries

I have cleared this round and got the call from HR that I am selected.

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