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nference Inc Interview Experience for SDE (On-Campus)

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Round 1: Online Test

The first round was an online test comprised of questions from DSA(MCQ), Data Analysis, Debugging, Problem Solving, and two basic coding questions. The assessment was of easy to medium level, the good hold of basic concepts will work.

Round 2: Technical Round 1

This round started directly with coding quo and later some short project discussion. 

  • Find K largest element in an array- Naive(Sorting)+ MinHeap(Improvised) – deep discussion on internal implementation as well as time complexity 
  • Implement BST- Insert and Search function- again deep discussion on internal implementation as well as time complexity
  •  Level Order Traversal of Binary Tree and later asked to do it line by line.-discussion on Expected Space Complexity

Round 3: Technical Round

Time: 1hr 10min

  • Again jumped directly into Coding Question where I have to write code on Gdocs.
  • Given a mathematical expression let’s suppose 2+3*5+(7*8-3)  
  • Verify if the given expression is valid or not basically I was asked to verify the parenthesis ordering is valid or not.
  • If correct, asked to find the result of the given question- a brief discussion on infix to postfix conversion and then calculating result from the postfix expression.
  • Find if two nodes of a graph are connected or not- Disjoint Set Union and Find operation – brief discussion.
  • Basic questions on OOPS(Definition, Polymorphism).
  • Design a Banking App with all the functionalities- basically, she wants to check my OOPS understanding as I mentioned previously that I am good at it. – short discussion since she got satisfied with my approach of class and object.

Round 4: VP Round

  • A senior vice president of the company took my interview, started with a quick introduction, and then jumped directly to coding quo which was asked to solve on Gdocs.
  • Given a Matrix P(n*n)and a number m. compute P^m. – Brief discussion on approach as well as on-time complexity.

Optimize the time complexity from O(n^3)m to O(n^3)log(m). – brief discussion

Round 5:  HR Discussion

  • Short and formal discussions on joining date, incentives, work culture, and all. 

Verdict: Selected

  • C++ STL (GFG)

Last Updated : 12 Oct, 2021
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