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p5.js clear() function

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The clear() function in p5.js is used to clear the pixels within a buffer. This function only clears the canvas. This function clears everything to make all of the pixels 100% transparent. It can be used to reset the drawing canvas.



Parameters: This function does not accept any parameter.

Below program illustrates the clear() function in p5.js:

Example: This example uses clear() function to clear the canvas.

function setup() {
    // Create canvas 
    createCanvas(700, 700);
function draw() {
    // Draw Ellipse at mouseX and mouseY
    ellipse(mouseX, mouseY, 20, 20);
    // Set color of the ellipse
    // Set the text size
    // Set the text
    text("Press Mouse To Clear The Screen", 20, 30);
// Define the mousePressed function
function mousePressed() {

Before Clicking the mouse button:

After Clicking the mouse button:


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Last Updated : 11 Aug, 2023
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