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Oracle Interview Experience | Set 56 (On-Campus)

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Oracle GBU recruit at NIT Agartala for the following Profile:
  1. Application Developer
  2. Software developer
  3. QA Analyst
The whole recruitement process complete in the following phases which includes:
  1. Online Aptitude Test
  2. Coding Round
  3. Technical and HR Round
Online Aptitude Test: The duration for this test is of 2.30 Hr. There were four sections in this round and sub sections as well.
  1. Software Engineering Aptitude: which consists of quantitative aptitude, software testing, logical reasoning, etc. (40 questions 50 minutes.)
  2. Contexual Communications: consists of grammar correction,paragraph reading, ordering of sentences,error etc (20 questions 20 minutes)
  3. Coding skills – output based on code snippets (mostly from Tree eg:inorder,preorder,postorder traversal) ,time complexity questions, basic theoretical questions from c/c++.(20 questions 30 minutes)
  4. General Computer Science– basic questions from Operating System, DBMS, Computer Networks (20 questions 20 minutes)
Total 65 were shortlisted after this round.
Online Coding Test: There were two questions in this round and the time allotted to solve both questions is 1 Hr. First question was like printing the list as per conditions mentioned. The questions was easy but the trap over here is reading input as size of list is not given. Second question: N*N grid is given and chef positions mark with some stepping X values( by stepping values means, he can move x steps in a day).Here we need to find a cell where all chefs can reach in total minimum days as per travel rules: Only one chef can travel on a given day and he can travel in all four directions and chef i can take any number of steps between 1 to step[i] Note:Chef position is marked by non-negative integer value.
Input : 4

 -1 -1 -1 1
 -1 -1 -1 -1
  2 -1 -1 -1
  1 2 -1 -1

Output : 2 0
Explanation: Chef at (0,3) can reach at 
target in 5 days,chef at (3,0) and chef(3,1)
can both reach in 1-1 days.
After coding round only 39 students were shortlisted for further Technical and HR round.
Technical Round 1: Before starting of the round, 3 puzzles were given to solve for half an hour. I am able to solve only one out of three. 1:Project description,introduction was done as the round start. 2:He gave 2 problems from Tree data structure to solve: a: Check whether given sum is possible to form or not by adding node value consecutively. b: Insertion and deletion in a tree 3: Mention some applications of data structures in real life. 4: Prime Number Concept and complete running code 5: What ispires me to switch from core to CS? 6: Some basic questions from java like Polymorphism,interface,advantage of java etc. 7: Who is the CEO and founder of Oracle?
Technical Round 2: 1: Introduction and internship Project Discussion 2: He gave two simple program to write. a: Printing of fibonacci series using recursion b: pattern was given and I was asked to write code for the given pattern. 3: He asked some sql query questions like a: finding the name of a student having who got second highest CGPA from student table b: Displaying the name of students who study in NIT Agartala from student table and whose CGPA is greater than7 4: Dome basic questions like foreign key,types of databases,inner Join etc. 5: Finally, he asked two puzzles at the end (from top 25 interview puzzles available on net). After the result of second round come out only 5 students from ECE and some students from CSE as well was left out for HR Round. HR Round: 1: Tell me about yourself 2: What is the difference between primary key and unique key? If we have unique key then why we go for primary key? 3: I was asked to write a java code for polymorphism. 4: He asked about my parents and profession 5: Finally, we had short conversation about oracle life,my academic and personal life etc. As the recruitment process completes only 3 students from ECE (including me),6 students from CSE of NIT Agartala finally got placed.As this a pool campusing for NIT Agartala and Silchar 3 students from NIT Silchar were also placed. Tips:Be honest,confident and make sure whatever you are mentioning in your CV is known to you starting from your projects to your skills. Before going for an interview explore the company once,read wikipedia and relevant informations. Being an ECE student, I would advice to all ece students that you should be good in programming and have strong command over Data structures, C/C++, DBMS(optional).If you are good enough in Core please do mention otherwise simply deny.

Last Updated : 14 Aug, 2017
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