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Oracle Interview Experience | Set 55 (On Campus for Application Developer)

Last Updated : 13 Aug, 2017
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Oracle came to our campus for two roles:
1. Server Tech.
2. Application Developer.
Both these roles had a common elimination round but people who were chosen for Server Tech had to go through one more non-eliminative Coding round.

Online Test:

Contained various timed sections on Aptitude, Coding Skills, Language etc. Was pretty easy and coding questions included filling the boxes in an algorithm flow chart, AVL tree insertion, basic loops, and complexity etc. It was a 90-minute test

First Tech Interview:

The interviewer was friendly. Gave me an option to change the programming language on which he would ask questions.
1. If two clients are reading the same record from a table and one of them writes to it while other is reading, what measures are taken so that undesired results are not reflected?
2. Starting at the top left corner of a matrix, in how many ways can you reach the bottom right corner if you could only move right or down. Dynamic Programming approach was preferred.
3. If we have 10 bags with 100 coins each in which all coins weigh 10 gm except one bag which has coins of 11gms how will you find that bag? you have one weighing machine which you can use only once.
4. High-level discussion about my projects.

Second Tech Interview:

1. Reverse a linked list.
2. AA+ BB + CC = ABC find A,B, and C where they are distinct and not zero integers.
3. Tell me about your non-academic interests.
4. Tell me what attributes would you train your model on if you have to design a face recognition model which has to recognize similar looking people.
5. Detailed discussion about my projects

Third Interview (HR + Tech):

1. Is it necessary for a foreign key to be the primary key?
2. Do you know PL/SQL?
3. What is the difference between a candidate key and primary key?
4. Why are you not going for higher studies?
5. What are your plans for the 4th year?
6. Why Oracle?
7. Tell me about your internship.

Confidence is the key. Be clear with your concepts and crisp in your explanation. Do not mention anything in your resume on which you can not speak about for at least 5 minutes. Be genuine and mind your body language. I have to give credit to the panel from Oracle. They always ensured that the candidate was at ease and were very polite in their approach

I thank geeksforgeeks for all the resources it provided which were proved to be very helpful.

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