Oracle Interview Experience | Set 66 (On-Campus)

Round 1 : They use their own Platform to conduct the first round.

This was approximately 2 hour test with the following sections :

Most of the questions in the test were hard and I wouldn’t have been able to solve them but luckily I can across a site called PrepInsta and a good percentage of the questions were repeated from it. I will suggest to focus more on this round as there is no point preparing for the interview if you don’t clear the written test round.

  1. Aptitude Contained quantitative aptitude, logical reasoning, flowchart based questions.
  2. Contextual communication- Consisted of grammar correction, reordering of sentences, reading comprehension, vocabulary, word replacements etc.
  3. Data Structures based question there were two 15min subsections. Most of all questions (except maybe 1-2) where based on trees (AVL, BST). They were output based questions based on insertion/deletion and traversal of these trees.
  4. General Computer Science- questions from OS, DBMS, C++ output with emphasis on declaration of variables question

Round 2 :

My interviewer was extremely sweet. He told me that he was going to ask the same questions that were asked to him during his placement :

  1. Given an integer array, its size and a number (target sum) as function parameters. I had to return all possible pairs of integers that add up to the target sum. Note – the array is sorted.
    Eg – Array : {1,3,4,5,7,9}        Target sum : 8
  2. Then he asked me difficulties faced while doing natural language processing on a sentence to find whether a sentence is positive or negative based on given set of words which are already varied classified whether they are positive or negative. Here question is more about challenges than the algorithm itself.
  3. He finally told me that there is not much competitive to do in our company you shall have to work on old technologies and how do you find Oracle finance exciting which i replied to him in a clever way and he seemed to be satisfied. He asked about my achievements.

Round 3 :


  1. Started with general question like “Tell me about yourself” with the interviewer taking a look at my resume in the meantime.
  2. “Given an array, sort the array in the most optimal manner and find a given number in that array”.

Both the candidates were given time to write their codes(not pseudo code) on a sheet of paper and then were asked to submit the sheet. Then called in turns for the interview on the code.

37 candidates qualified after this round.

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